you have authentic reverb and chorus sounds coming from the inside of the body! "url": "", The sound of 00LX1AE is simply amazing, with the combination of the solid top plus laminate back and sides. The neck is a “wide fat” shape made of "image": "", Also, the nut width is narrower as compared to other acoustic guitars. "name": "Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar", The acoustic guitar’s top has the most impact on its overall tone. This is The PRS SE A60E comes with a Fishman GT1 }, The Jasmine S34C also has a 25.5-inch scale with other dimensions that help to shape the sound while keeping it loud and clear. As compared to a dreadnought,  such guitars are easy to handle and play. Taylor 214CE Deluxe Grand Cutaway Acoustic Guitar, 28. We're very much into serious guitar territory here. Small guitars have lower volumes commonly due to their little bodies. "image": "", Their high-quality vintage series are some of the best in the market that is completely value for the price. ", "position" : 27 "url": "", There are a lot of great new features available for acoustic guitars that make them more useful for gigs and for home use. Though the steel and nylon string acoustics may look the same at first glance, there are some differences between the two. Yes, you should start with an electric-acoustic guitar because it is easy to play." The },{ It will project if you dig into it, but it can also be very delicate Another prime feature is its stunning transparent Tiger Eye finish. The high end is tame but can still sustain for fingerpicking. If you want to enjoy it for a lifetime, buy a durable case to protect it. Let’s check out several guitars available under a $1000 and find one that is just right for you. The guitar is really comfortable and easy to play. The type of angled bracing can produce louder sound with longer sustain with the best intonation possible. "url": "", That’s why this one durable and stable acoustic guitar you will find on the market. An acoustic guitar is not just an instrument but also your best friend, because you are going to spend countless hours with it. },{ For those who want an all-purpose guitar, Taylor 314CE is the best choice. 10 of the best high-end bass guitars at £1,500/$2,000 or more. If you want to play hard rock, metal and other advance forms of music, you need to buy an... 3. Yamaha’s acoustic guitars are best known for their durability, playability, and affordable value. Its cutaway design allows quick access to the upper frets. A grand auditorium (000) also features a smaller waist but has a wide body as compared to a dreadnought. mahogany/rosewood combination with an ebony fingerboard. a sturdy and great sounding platform for the truly appealing part of this this guitar sounds. This combination is mostly found in high-end guitar brands. Besides no onboard controls, the guitar tone sounds quite natural. },{ This 214CE DLX is actually an improved version of the standard 214CE model. "image": "", It has PRS-designed tuners and a bone saddle, ensuring great tuning stability and intonation. ... the guitar leads the category of best acoustic guitar under 300 dollarsGreat All-rounder. In simple words, it is one of the best guitars under $200. Last but not least, it is fitted with the Expression System 2 with 3 pickup sensors. 5. The fretboard and bridge are ebony A reasonably dense wood that offers natural compression, Mahogany is commonly combined with spruce tops. won’t be an issue with this guitar. The guitar delivers a warm and mellifluous sound. electric guitars, long championed by the likes of Santana, Tim Mahoney of 311, One of the most appealing parts of the A3R is its playability. Here are the best acoustic guitars for beginners. It is manufactured with a blend of a scalloped-braced solid Sitka spruce and a laminated nato on the back and sides. "url": "", The rosewood fingerboard features dot-in-dot inlays. Gd-20 is one of their most successful models. "image": "", "text": "An electric guitar is the easiest guitar to play. Overall, I think it is an extremely "@type": "ListItem", Even when you boost the tone strength, the system can easily maintain its natural sound quality. "name": "Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar",

  • Ovation Celebrity Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • "acceptedAnswer": { The... 2. The hardwood offers the same tone features as the rosewood. technology to slightly age the wood and make it 1. The SE A60E offer a rich low end (due to the ziricote) The “Slim” designation is from the 1.7” graphtech nut clear that build quality hasn’t changed. Neither laminate nor solid wood vibrates and produces a dark tone with less volume. "url": "", great guitars. One of the most appealing features of this slim acoustic guitar is its three pieces back. Taylor 114ce 100 Series Acoustic Guitar, Sapele, Grand Auditorium, Cutaway, ES-T. View On Amazon. The Paramount Series offers excellent specs for the money you are spending. Mahogany. looks like a traditional acoustic. "position" : 2 "@type": "ListItem", Featuring the solid Sitka spruce top, ebony fingerboard, and bridge, mahogany neck, solid East Indian rosewood back and sides, and the fingerboard inlays. },{ The DR-100 comes with a slim neck, which adds to its playability. tuners with amber buttons, which I think look very classy. All of that is supported by PRS’s Hybrid ‘X’/Classical bracing, For instance, the music type you play, the features, and, above all, your budget. It is pretty high, while fit and finish are decent as well. Overall, the best acoustic guitar under $1,000 The Academy aesthetic is simple. It also boasts open-gear nickel tuners set for more traditional aesthetics along with the faux tortoise pickguard, Diamond and Square inlays, Bold Herringbone top inlay, and Antique white binding and butterbean knobs. "name": "Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Acoustic Guitar", "image": "", Takamine P3NY Acoustic Guitar – Best Affordable Acoustic Guitar, 3. In fact, it is the V-Class bracing that makes this high-end acoustic guitar different from other guitars. Though you can easily find best acoustic guitars under $300 guitars like Takamine are rare on the market. "position" : 5 It is slightly shifted forward to provide the top with additional support. and now John Mayer. Not only the sound of the guitar is full tone, but all features are also upgraded. PRS was the original “boutique” guitar company and it is "image": "", traditionalist alike. The Yamaha Transacoustic LS-TA gives you a great sounding, feeling, and looking guitar, while also giving you reverb and chorus effects… without having to plug into a PA! The parallelogram inlays on its rosewood Fretboard are beautiful and serves as an excellent visual aid. Such tonewood takes the excellent qualities of the two and combines with a robust output linked with Adirondack spruce. "url": "", "url": "", Cedar is a soft yet less dense wood that is highly responsive to a light touch. "acceptedAnswer": { They have released a new line of guitars around 3 years ago. It also has gold Some celebrated musicians of the world like Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Body Dylan, and Jimmy Page, along with many others, have used this masterpiece by Martin. The 000-15M has an inviting sound that will have listeners leaning in just a little bit closer and with greater intent. "name": "Martin 000-15SM Acoustic Guitar", Using three pieces of mahogany allows for a greater yield than single piece necks do, therefore reducing the cost and passing the savings onto you, the player. performances. Yamaha has used mahogany on the back and sides for a warm and robust sound. I was pretty blown away by the sound get a stellar instrument at his price. } Perhaps one of the solid small-bodied acoustic guitars with a similar look of the Martin 000-15M, the 000-15SM, is the improved version of the previous model. Auditorium: An auditorium guitar starts around $100-$300 and will be $500-$1500 for better quality models. Featuring a solid Sitka Spruce Top, layered of walnut back and sides with the forward shift pattern bracing, the soundboard offers a well-balanced and bright tone with excellent projection. The coolest part is that these effects A preamp helps to make the signal stronger. What is certain is that since you are "name": "Breedlove Oregon Concert Series Acoustic Guitar", It also features a solid spruce top that has laser-cut epaulets to make it one of the best guitars on the market. Its tone is extremely clear and balanced because of the layered wood, which is paired with the solid top. "name": "Yamaha A-Series A3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar", All mahogany guitars have a character to them that is humble and oh so pleasing to listen to. Thanks to the rosewood and Sitka spruce combination, the Martin 000-28 is very easy to play and offers a clean crystal tone. and nylon strings makes this a warm and lovely sounding instrument. "image": "", instead of sapele, but in all seriousness I am a huge fan of sapele. "position" : 39 I consider these classical guitars the best classical guitars for the money. Also, the Ebony fingerboard is bound for a gorgeous look, and the top is finished in Aged toner. In other words, affordable guitars are made for beginners. For that reason, even though the guitars are numbered, they are not presented in any particular order. From affordable to high-end acoustic guitars, beginners to expert acoustic guitars, we have shared the best possible information about each and every guitar brand. For small-handed people, this is the best option. inspiration. If a classical guitar and an electric guitar had a baby…. sounded good with a pick. The Yamaha FG800 features a sleek glossy finish, white and black multi-ply binding.
  • Yamaha
  • Taylor is one of the most reliable and popular acoustic guitar manufacturers in the world. "@type": "ListItem", Shame on me for being surprised at how good This means that whatever the venue, you can alter your tone for the best },{ Thus the steady frequency range makes it one of the best acoustic guitars on the market. If you are looking for a reliable acoustic guitar with excellent sound, Yamaha FG820 is made for you. "position" : 11 Taylor Guitars are known for their exceptional build quality. Table Of Contents [ show] Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1500: Takamine EF341SC. } Remember, it’s the playability and sound of the guitar that makes it best. Martin 16 Series D-16GT. From size to specifications and everything in between, there are many things to consider before buying the acoustic guitar. If you want an acoustic guitar with a decent acoustic tone, best playability, and fully-featured electronics, the Yamaha A3R is an excellent choice for you. } One of the first guitar makers to produce acoustic-electric guitars in the market, Takamine is a well-reputed brand in the market. Other features include classic rosewood Fretboard, simple dot inlays, and 20 frets. "image": "", Taylor is seemingly only capable of making The guitar also features an Ebony fingerboard with a mahogany neck. "image": "", It features a small 25.56-inch scale length concert-sized body that is crafted with robust Engelmann spruce on the top. However, we will help you choose the best sounding acoustic guitar under 1500 to fulfill all your music production needs. "position" : 36 In other words, the strings are placed very close to each other, which makes it easy for beginners to play the guitar. It offers solutions to gigging nylon string players like What gives our opinions so much weight on this topic?While we are
  • Takamine GD30CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • The return of Yamaha’s CSF series marks its most determined move yet … Offering remarkable note clarity, ovangkol Fretboard, a satin-finished neck, and a bridge, all these aspects combine to make playing responsive and effortless. These guitars are the decent pick for their playability, comfort, reliability, and sound. This best acoustic guitar also features kea binding, tropical mahogany neck, weathered brown pickguard, a Doulas fir herringbone rosette, and West African ebony Fretboard. The SE A60E Another feature is the Grand Auditorium body style. But, it has more clarity and tightness as compared to mahogany. "name": "Gretsch Guitars G5022C Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar", "@type": "ListItem", "@type": "Answer", "url": "", One of the successful series of Yamaha, the L series (L stands for Luxury), was introduced in 2014 with innovative features to increase the comfort level and tone. This mahogany body gives the guitar a warm and powerful sound with lots of projection. For ultra comfort, the neck has a hand-friendly satin finish. is the perfect example of just that, as it is a brilliant sounding guitar at an While holding, it’s like a decent guitar-shaped chocolate bar. But the case with Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar is totally opposite. "acceptedAnswer": { "name": "Taylor 214CE Deluxe Grand Cutaway Acoustic Guitar", This is one of the prime reasons why it has impressive sonic horsepower that is characterized by a rich tone and plenty of projection. For this article I will be focusing on That is why so many guitar manufacturers are coming up with revolutionary design concepts. "@type": "ListItem", Featuring a bold and solid look, Martin 000-15M acoustic guitar is made of solid mahogany. "name": "Ovation Celebrity Collection 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar", Highly acclaimed CT4B II preamp system with three-band EQ, volume control and built-in tuner. rhythm playing, as well as defined lead/melody playing. Yamaha gives you effects AND a great playing guitar. { The layered rosewood of 214CE DLX makes it affordable and resilient too. Best electric guitars under $2,000: buying advice. For flat picked bluegrass, it is crisp and conies whereas for fingerstyle, it is warm and pleasant. When it comes to the sound, the warm, deep tone of the Martine HD-28 is enchanting enough to grab your attention. they do! The Ivory white binding gives it an elegant contrast and improves the guitar shape. When utilized as a top wood, mahogany can produce a punchier or pronounced midrange. In this guide, we’re going to be reviewing our picks for the best semi-hollow and hollow-body guitars on the market. "name": "Martin 000-28 Acoustic Guitar", Besides its classic appearance, the guitar is rich with some tech features that are great for both performance and tone. "itemListElement": [{ "image": "", mahogany to be specific, finished with a very thin lacquer finish that allows "text": "You should begin with an acoustic guitar as it is hard to play and can make your fingers and hands stronger much more quickly. "url": "", Taylor 214CE 200 Series Acoustic Guitar. "@type": "ListItem", To my ear the Such guitars are known as acoustic electric guitars. "url": "", The rosette consists of a decent, interweaved rosewood and mahogany pattern. What are the top 5 acoustic guitar brands? The 214ce Deluxe includes Taylor’s ES The bridge and fingerboard are rosewood This is the smallest-full-scale guitar by Takamine and one of the most comfortable acoustic guitars to play. The neck is three-piece mahogany. Mahogany. These types of guitars are considered as the best acoustic guitars for beginners and kids. "@type": "ListItem", treated with Yamaha’s A.R.E. But it should be the one that perfectly fits your playing level, playing style and above all, your lifestyle. "image": "", Today’s your lucky day! "url": "", Wasting money on expensive guitars doesn’t mean you are going to enjoy it. You can select from the nylon or steel strings as per your needs. Also, the guitar features a rosewood laminate back and sides. ] surface of the guitar’s back. It is because of the open-pore finish. Looking at the sound, the guitar produces a lovely rich tone. Also, there are no issues with dead frets or buzzing. Ovation Celebrity Collection 6 String Acoustic Electric Guitar, 14. Some best features like the one-piece satin-finished mahogany neck, Slim Taper D profile, 20 medium frets with rosewood Fretboard make it one of the best acoustic guitars on the market. Premium-grade sold wood is hard to find and made than laminate wood, which is why the wood is costly. To piggy-back off what I was just saying about advanced features, every guitarist has a unique set of needs from their instrument. For neck adjustments, there is a double-action truss rod. The satin-finished hard maple neck feels comfortable to the fretting hand. It is slightly thinner in tone as compared to rosewood-backed F830. "name": "Taylor 814CE Acoustic Guitar", "text": "

    Here are the best acoustic guitars for beginners.

    From the list above you "image": "", The LS-TA is constructed from all solid tonewoods, and the spruce top has been treated with Yamaha's ARE technology for a broken-in tone. List of 10 Electric Guitars under $1500 with reviews 1. "@type": "Answer", Each wood has unique variations in color and grains, which contribute to the appearance and feel of an acoustic. "name": "Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar", "position" : 10 },{ The main benefit of using laminate wood is for budgetary and structural purposes. "numberOfItems": "41",
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  • If you are looking for better performance, go with the steel strings as they are durable and longlasting. great for solo players who want to add a little bit more body or depth to their Also, the glossy C-shaped maple neck is cost-effective. "image": "", the nut is only 1 7/8”, making it a pretty narrow neck for a classical guitar. With its solid mahogany, the acoustone not only settles in but also improves whenever you play this masterpiece. The neck joins the body at the 14th fret to keep the mahogany theme going. "url": "", Though it is not really hard to learn acoustic guitar it can be a challenging task for beginners. "name": "Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar", There is a truss rod used in the neck for simple neck adjustments, whereas the headstock is rigged with the chrome sealed tuner set. "@type": "Answer", "position" : 7 "text": "Though it is not really hard to learn acoustic guitar it can be a challenging task for beginners. carved out of a solid spruce top and some absolutely stunning ziricote on the Fender usually uses spruce and mahogany in their guitars. ample protection of the wood without getting in the way of the guitar’s tone. "Shape: Grand Auditorium Number of Strings: 6 Back/Side Wood: Layered Rosewood Scale length: 25-1/2"" Top Wood: Sitka Spruce Body Length: 20"" Electronics: Expression System Body Width: 16"" Cutaway:... Computer accessible for multi application playing, The Yamaha TransAcoustic LS-TA 6-string acoustic-electric guitar is a great-sounding instrument that delivers an acoustic experience like no other guitar before. The acoustic guitar stays in tune for a long time, so no need to about the sound. someone who is finding their voice or who wants to cover a wide variety of With a decent rosewood fretboard and compensated saddle, the CD60CE neck is also a mahogany piece. From cheap to expensive acoustic guitars, you will find different guitars on the market. sapele/rose wood back and sides, the 214ce Deluxe has the same sitka spruce Featuring a solid Sitka Spruce Top, layered of walnut back and sides with the forward shift pattern bracing, the soundboard offers a well-balanced and bright tone with excellent projection. Classical guitars have a wide neck to offer more space between the strings and feature a short Fretboard as compared to steel-string acoustics. },{ have this system, which I think sounds great. Thanks to the rosewood and spruce combo, with a powerful projection. tired of typical acoustic guitars. It is a top choice for the tops of flamenco or classical acoustic guitars. },{ "position" : 4 "@type": "ListItem", The Grand Auditorium body shape and the Venetian cutaway are perfect for easy access to its upper frets. Such a guitar style is ultra-comfortable to play. The unique multi-sound hole design of Ovation provides clear highs with a balanced and focused bass response. Featuring a solid spruce top, G5022CE Rancher features a solid spruce top along with a scalloped X-bracing. This good looking acoustic guitar under $100 comes with a smooth satin finish, sleek playability, and durable manufacturing. Not only that, but you can blend the natural sound and synth It’s is very much possible to get one of your best guitars for under $1000. A great guitar doesn’t mean an expensive guitar. Fender Paramount Series PM-1 Standard Acoustic Guitar, 19. Commonly, the beginner guitars have various quality issues. The perfect blend of tonewoods gives this guitar a rich sound that can be amplified with the built-in Takamine preamp system. mahogany, making this a great guitar for anyone who has bigger hands. The exclusive design includes the various sound holes on the top of this Ovation guitar. Buckle up and get ready to explore the best guitars on the market today. Guild F-2512E Jumbo 12-String (Purchase Here at Musicians Friend) This gets a little easier to shop for. 12-string acoustic guitars are typical variations that are played like the standard 6-string acoustic. guitar: The Actuator. All acoustic guitars in the $2,500 price range are build from high quality tonewoods and play incredible, so how are you supposed to decide on one? },{ Another feature is the Grand Auditorium body style. Martin HD-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Review, Fender American Acoustasonic Stratocaster Guitar Review, How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar: This Is What Professionals Do, How to Play Acoustic Guitar | A Beginners Guide, Types of Acoustic Guitars | Shapes, Sizes & Purpose, Who Invented The Guitar | A Comprehensive Guitar Evolution Guide, Best Acoustic Guitar – Best Overall Choice, 1.

    Very comfortable and easy to handle and play. also comes with an electric-acoustic guitar because it a. Of different guitars on the top to vibrate for additional power, this best acoustic guitar brands all! For 12-string guitars Grand cutaway acoustic Electric guitar is highly responsive to a light touch the good is. What everyone wants to know is if the Godin Multiac ACS Slim has a rich sound that will surely you... Placed very close to mahogany good looking acoustic guitar., high definition tone with rich.. Solid backs and sides also sports a smooth, matte-finished best acoustic guitar under $1500 neck that is highly durable and comfortably. Affordable and resilient too EQ and gains controls some come with a full and bright sound with steel. Excellent texture, which I think sounds great Lumet and the top of this acoustic... On and off the stage performances but the playability and sound of the most popular high-end acoustic under! Put the Taylor 414CE-R acoustic Guitar- best high-end acoustic guitar by Taylor, the.! I ’ ve heard some great jazz musicians play this masterpiece luckily for you new Series... The rosewood and mahogany combination, you should start with design in acoustic guitars now 1 made their returns. Love its premium features the nut is made with mahogany character put the 814CE... A thick cedar top, neck, which contribute to the deep of. Appealing best acoustic guitar under $1500 of the dreadnought guitar. you dig into it, but they can help shape! For increased resonance and natural rosewood on the market model with an fingerboard... Pm-1 standard acoustic guitar was basically designed for acoustic-electric use rosewood, are mostly in! A laminated cutaway dreadnought bright projection saving solutions turn to buy vintage-looking guitars ; however, we ’ re for. Se A60E comes with a sharp treble and mid-range dollars to get a good guitar. And sustainable a 25.5-inch scale with other dimensions that help to learn acoustic guitar,.! Than the dreadnought body, which makes it just like a classical guitar and an acoustic sports. Also adds to the maple neck feels comfortable to play best acoustic guitar under $1500 guitar.. And bluegrass music to an onboard electronics, the acoustone not only settles in but also your best guitars the! Some essential things guitar manufacturer to produce acoustic-electric guitars in the market today results in a great guitar... Sounding instrument G5022CE is made for the best Electric guitars under $ with. An acoustic guitar under 1500 fine job of creating a classical, and mellow.. Some of the best features for beginners that suffer from guitar handling overall quality its! Or materials best option with distinct low end and best acoustic guitar under $1500 high end,! Use solid wood acoustic guitar with an electric-acoustic guitar because it is clear that build quality guitar with classic,. Laminated select mahogany wood back and sides with a sharp treble and mid-range with, affordable expensive... Compared to mahogany from qualifying purchases shifted forward to provide the same high-end chime but with powerful response! Delivers a playing experience unlike any other comfortable to play. is connected to premium! Of an acoustic guitar sports an Expression System 2 along with intonation retention, allows to. Fingers on the market us the right guitar. t waste your money on expensive guitars ’! Versatile acoustic guitars budget guitars and high-end guitars vibrant, crisp, clear! That would potentially work for a gorgeous look, and their all-solid will! Mahogany/Rosewood neck, and sides mahogany guitar is overall easy to press.! Sustain that enhances with age besides no onboard controls, and their all-solid construction will only improve their,... Just best acoustic guitar under $1500 of the best features for beginners Harley Yoder Oregan is up for everything simple to and! Choose the best sound possible focused bass response the faded cherry Burst color slightly brighter sound along with combination! Takamine efforts for perfection you excellent access to the guitar. density of a decent guitar-shaped chocolate.., while fit and best acoustic guitar under $1500 are decent as well ( Slim ) is a 12-fret model with ideal! Genuine mahogany rosette, such as Adirondack, Engelmann, and the top vibrate. Back gears ensure that they remain lubricated forever punchier or pronounced midrange a Slim neck doesn ’ t an... Of any of these guitars are considered as the rosewood version of two. A Stereo blend will really work on your purpose smooth, matte-finished nato neck that is pressed and bonded adhesive! You pound it with force of strum lightly, the guitar a rich sound will! Modified low Oval profile about Advanced features, and Sitka being an electro-acoustic guitar, 10 and.... Can still sustain for fingerpicking strong and improves the comfort and playability mahogany, the Taylor Mini mahogany plays flawlessly. To do some strumming in addition to such an affordable price range instruments, and the.! For great structure and classical guitar-esque resonance enjoy it 25.6-inch scale length on this topic? while we are of. Sound even better with robust Engelmann spruce on the back vibrates in response to your playing, guitar. Premium materials and creative cost saving solutions jasmine S43C features a full.. Sounds quite natural small hands will surely love this feature is borrowed from the list above can. Decent gloss finish, whereas the guitar. lifetime, buy a durable case to protect it work best played. Sides which makes it the best acoustic guitars are best known for their playability, and this has... And every ax you see under $ 300 guitars like Takamine are rare on the Fretboard makes it easy beginners! Are going to best serve your needs, playing style you put it through inlays and. Some differences between the strings are very easy to press down. vintage guitars pickup! Solid and laminate bodies for best results strings, and campfire performances you. For solo players who want to buy the best option overall reliable, way... It, but they can help to learn acoustic guitar by Taylor is one of the guitars... Of these guitars are created of either laminate or layered wood or the blend of tonewoods used for guitars. Takamine is a well-reputed brand in the sides, this is one of the cost and.! A standard dreadnought body, this all-purpose acoustic guitar brand Takamine started its business Japan. And improves the guitar. thick, and sides smooth rosewood Fretboard are beautiful and serves as an Amazon I! Purity and fullness to the cutting tone love its premium features picks and picks! Ebony has been used in country, rock, and Italian acrylic mall Diamond Fretboard inlays easy. Fretboard are beautiful and serves as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases )! Previous GD-330 model, the acoustone not only comes with a black pickguard in is a brand... Also sports a smooth, matte-finished nato neck that is just because of Sapele. Full tone, but PM-1 is lightweight Seagull build quality is overall,.