The boot disk of this machine is encrypted, at the LUKS prompt, pressing the eject button on the drive causes the door to open and stay open. Plz help me to solve the technical problem of my laptop. If you are having this issue where an app fails to load, then it’s probably a permissions … It still plays cd's and I installed a game with it. Previously, I wrote an article on how to fix the problem of missing Windows Store apps and recently I had a client who bought a Windows 10 machine to me where the Windows apps would appear to open, but then would close immediately.. I have a new Samsung SH-S203B SATA DVD burner. CD/DVD drive of my Laptop Opens Automatically Frequently Jump to solution. it happens when i m surfing , watching movies, doing any work on my system. Solved! Go to Solution. Whenever I open the disk door it closes immediately by itself. The tray sticks in the semi-open position, then it closes almost all the way and then opens again. Are some or all of your Windows 10 apps not working properly? This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. you will need: a computer running windows Tried Edge and was quite impressed with speed and performance until a few days later it stopped working. When this happens and there is no valid info for opening a os (windows) it tends to open up. my laptop dvd drive is getting opened automatically after it starts up. once it get opened … The CD drive of my laptop opens frequently automatically since 4-5 days.. plz tell me the solution. The device automatically got re … It is also the burner that I … Apple Footer. Re: cd and dvd drive close immediately after opening by Reed Young » 2011-08-04 15:59 k333nt wrote: My DVD drive opens and closes, when I don't tear down a packet writing device. After it operns, the tray spins left and right and then q … Your computer may be configured to look at the cd drive or dvd drive first. I deleted it and restarted and the drive still popped open but this may have helped for the next step. CD-Rom tray closes automatically after ejecting - posted in Internal Hardware: Hi everyone, first time post! This can be done in the BIOS of the computer. The door closes almost immediately after I enter the disk password, before udev starts, and subsequently, pressing the eject button opens the door, but it immediately closes again. This can be fixed by simply changing the order by which the computer looks for information to load the os (boot sequence). this instructable tells you how to make an annoying program that opens and closes all your cd drives. Make an Annoying Program That Opens and Closes All Your Cd Drives: this is my first Instructable so please tell me how I can improve. I should still be able to RMA it, but I wanted to see if I could do anything to fix it myself. MS Edge shuts down immediately after opening in Browsers and Email Hi, Upgraded from 8.1 to Win 10 ok and all worked ok for a few days. Did you notice Windows Store closes immediately after opening or Windows 10 apps open and close immediately After Recent windows update? Afterward, I rebooted. Secondly, I opened up the device manager from the control panel and removed the "hp DVD" device. I have a Toshiba DVD player that just quit.