A 24mm lens is good for this but an ultra-wide lens is better. Of course, having a great camera and lens does not make you a better vlogger, but it surely enhances your content’s value. It also best aligned with Mirrorless and with DSLR vlogging cameras to produce the best angle coverage. Why the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for Sony E is our top fifth Pick? The focal length of a lens how much of the frame they capture. Save Saved Removed 0. When I say fast lens, I mean a lens that has a large aperture—or a low number f. These lenses allow more light to enter your camera’s sensor. Therefore, it is important to first point out your requirements as a vlogger. The best lens for you will depend on your needs and requirements. You can say it the best nikon lens for vlogging and YouTube videos. 35mm lenses are better for this kind of portraiture because of the slightly curved field of view that you get. Buyers guide to buying the best vlogging lens for Sony, Canon, nikon or any other Manufacturer. A short focal length, or a wide-angle lens allows you to shoot a much wider frame. As you may have noticed from the trend, this is yet another wide angle lens. If you don’t have to repeat between videos, you’ll never notice. Maximum Widest Max Hole: This offers two advantages: being lighter in the sensor and thus improving the footage so that you can go in less light as well as create shallower depths of field, which is a key issue against industry. It’s more of a duty than a love of Canon fans. They are easy to handle, and you get a decent 18-50mm Sony zoom lens of its counterparts from canon of Nikon or the like at a very cheap rate. 7:50. This could potentially be the best vlogging lens for Canon owing to its popularity amongst the YouTuber community as it is a must in most of their camera bags. Previous TOP 11 Best Vlogging Cameras Under $500. First of all, I like fast lenses, that’s why I like F2. Up to the equivalent stop, it significantly increases the reach of the camera by capturing sharp images of the handheld and even distant objects. 50mm is the most natural looking focal length. Best Laptops for Vlogging: TOP 10 Vlogging Laptop 2021, Top 5 Best Vlogging Cameras Under $300 in 2021, Top 10 Best Laptop for Travel Vlogging of 2021, How to Make Money on YouTube Vlogging [2021 Blogger]. Now that we will discuss some of the outliers of this list. The price is not bad! Quick Take - Best 35mm Lenses For Canon. We are share best vlogging lens for canon cameras for experts suggestion. It is best to shoot with Wider Lens for vlogging, I would say the absolute best lens are: Olympus 12mm F/2.0; Panasonic 15mm F/1.7; Olympus 17mm F/1.7; I do not recommend Panasonic 20/1.7 pancake because this lens makes AF grinding noise when you shoot video with continuous AF. This article will provide you with various prospective options to help you decide what is the best vlogging lens for you in 2019. Of course, all these features do not come cheap. If you’re in the market, for you, this could potentially be the best vlogging lens 2020 for you. The Nikon AF-S FX 16-35mm f/4 NIKKOR ED VR Lens is another invaluable lens that could be very useful for you. Given below is a table of stops and what it means for vloggers. When thinking of buying a lens, you need to first think about your requirements. This Canon zoom lens allows you to vlog at a comfortable wide angle and the USM feature allows the lens to auto focus silently and quickly. You might be thinking why you, as a vlogger, would need a 50mm lens. As a vlogger, you will need a lens that has a wide-angle lens, the following lenses are a good starting point: Apart from wide angle and telephoto lens, they also come in zoom and prime variants. Now we have entered the realm of prime lenses. Most lenses can work with other cameras and vice versa, except for a few. Skip to content . Optical components are all glass, the barrel of the lens construction and a mixture of mechanical materials, the outer barrel is polycarbonate. So there's lots of different kinds of vlogging lenses that you can use, but each one has it's upsides and it's downsides. Lets in relatively less light. For a lens to be a good lens for vlogging, it needs to be fast enough to keep up with your daily activities, while still being bright enough so capture decent footage even under sub-optimal lighting conditions. Aperture helps you control how much light you let in your camera. ... We hope that our review on the list of the TOP 10 BEST DSLR VLOGGING CAMERAS must have helped you in choosing the right DSLR for yourself and your channel! while when it comes to prime lenses, you can get a decent lens with an f/1.8 at a reasonable price. Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS Lens. Best Wide-Angle Zoom Lens / Vlogging Lens for Sony a6600. The widest it opens up to is just f/4.5, which means you’ll struggle with it if you’re recording in less than ideal lighting, so keep that in mind. Wide enough for vlogging, with a bit of zoom range to play with. Fast lenses are perfect for vloggers because this kind of job doesn’t allow you to control lighting. This could be the Best full frame vlogging lens for you due to various reasons. These are the most zoom-in lenses of the three, which is actually a kind of park for one. In need of vlogging, when you need a B-roll or video so that the story has no purpose, it should be your passing lens. His knowledge of cameras and vlogging is impressive. Image Credit: pixdeluxe via iStock. Menu. Ideal for handheld vlogging as well as in other situations, Produces shallow depth of field and good bokeh, Best vlogging lens for Sony at mid-range price, Provides wide field of view ideal for vlogging, In situations where you require an even wider focal length, you can pop in a wide angle adapter on your Sony camera and get a focal length of, Uses ED glass for reduced chromatic aberrations, Ergonomic and rubber grip Lacks full frame capabilities, Lacks Image Stabilization or Vibration Reduction features, Not good for shooting tight spaces such as car, Inexpensive lens that provides exceptional value. The 12mm f1.4 is an absolutely wonderful lens, but it's heavier and doesn't allow for any zoom flexibility. Will cause distortion due to such short focal length. 3.5 or higher lenses have less sensitivity to light and are still fine for casual blogging. Why the Sony SEL28F20 FE 28mm f/2-22 Standard-Prime Sony lens is our sixth pick? This Nikon lens is another great option is you’re looking for a versatile lens that you can vlog with as well. They have the same resolution as the human eye and in the same sense as the things we see. Our picks include the best vlogging lens for Canon camera, Sony camera, Nikon camera, as well as other options available in the market. If you’re looking for a very cheap camera that is portable, and yet creates good content, maybe you should look for a point and shoot. From f /. If you’re a YouTube vlogger who wants to produce exceptional content that looks like its shot by a professional, you’ll need some gear. Zoom lenses have a focal length that are variable, like 10-18 mm, or 18-55 mm, etc. The second most biggest feature when buying a new lens is surely the aperture. In thinking about the best lens for travel photography, there are certainly a lot of possibilities. It has features every vlogger wanted for their vlogging camera at a fair price point. For vloggers looking to expand their gear, this is an excellent cheap lens for vlogging. Perhaps the selling point of this lens is its focal length at an affordable price. If you’re a vlogger you’re much better off with an auto-focus lens, especially when you’re recording yourself. How to choose the right camera lens according to your needs. IS works amazingly while shooting the obvious top honest people at MM during the wedding. Most volcanoes need a wide-angle lens, but you should still try to get as close as possible to 50mm. The Canon EF-S is first on our list for the best Canon lenses for the purpose of vlogging and video. This Sigma 16mm f/1.4 lens is an E-mount, intended to be a Sony prime lens, but can be used as a Canon or a Nikon prime lens with an adapter. if you’re on a budget and want to get a lens to improve video quality with shallow depth of field, this is the best vlogging lens 2019 for you. Top 5 best vlogging lens canon cameras. This article will walk you through some of them, and make two recommendations of great vlogging lenses. This way you’ll have an amazing wide angle lens along with a bright prime lens that shoots excellent B-roll. Last but not least, the mount is durable and strong and made of polycarbonate. If you’re a Sony user and you already have a Sony zoom lens or a wide angle one, maybe you should consider Sony 85mm f/1.8 Lens to add some variety. The BEST Lenses for VLOGGING - Ultrawide vs Wide vs Kit Lens vs 50mm - Duration: 7:50. The 10-18mm best lens for APSC Canon DSLR blogging. If the objects near the best lens for the camera of vlogging look really big, then the objects there will look very small. matter a lot. Because of this, I dive into each lens to uncover the pros and cons in terms of quality, build, important features, etc. Whether you are into documenting your life and talking to your audience in first person, documenting your experiences with friends and family, reviewing gadgets or making videos of just about anything you are passionate about, we have the right choice for you. Blurred backgrounds are especially good for cameras or interviews. While other lenses such as a 16-28 mm or a 35 mm is also quite popular among YouTubers. Ofcourse, you don’t have to buy every single wide angle prime lens in our list, just the ones that suit your needs. We reviewed it before the lens. I am a Share this blog Best Youtubers use all gear. While zoom lenses provide a lot more flexibility, variable focal length means the lenses needs more glass and mechanical elements. Casey Nissat shots where he really got caught with leaf bugs or in someone’s eyes? Fast and bright aperture ideal for vlogging. Prime lenses have fixed focal lengths, such as 35 mm, 50 mm, and so on. Optical stability: It gives you an edge to keep your footage smooth even in difficult, low-light situations. For starters, it is an E-mount Sony lens suitable for cameras such as the Sony a7 lineup. However you can still get a very bright zoom lens at f / 2.6. A sharp full-sensor 4K video, 180 degrees tilting screen, and good autofocus, it makes Nikon Z50 best daily vlogging camera in 2020. Most vloggers use cameras that are a perfect balance between performance, portability, and cost. Don't overlook Kit Zoom: Panasonic 12-32mm Apart from this, depending on your choice, a nifty fifty 50 mm f/1.8 lens is another great choice at a fraction of the cost. It is due to its exceptional image quality at a fraction of the cost. I suggest that the Canon EF100mm f / 2.8L is a USM macro lens. Highly recommended! Having a wide aperture also means it isn’t very fast either. You can use this lens to showcase your photography skills, or use it to shoot some telephoto action that your wide angle lenses just aren’t appropriate for. One of the most successful vloggers and photographer, Peter McKinnon says “I am a vlogger, Canon EF 16-35mm f/4 USM is what I use the most because its super wide; it films me and the whole environment. This review will cover all the usual topics (benefits/considerations, advice, comparison/advice) but will include some information to help people better understand telephoto lenses. The … Due to this reason, a strictly portrait focused lens with an f/1.2 would not be practical for vloggers. Before we dive into our review, here are the best 35mm lenses for Canon: Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II; YONGNUO YN35mm F2; Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro; Review of the Best 35mm Lenses For Canon. There is not enough information about elementary level glasses to know why one would be better than another or one might cost 300 300 and the other 18 1800. This could be the best vlogging lens for Nikon if you are looking for a wide angle Nikon prime lens with great low light capabilities, this is the one for you. 6:35 pm By Muhammad Ahmad Leave a Comment, Last updated on April 22nd, 2020 at 06:47 pm. With its cheap cost and great usability, it will surely add value to your gear. Having 4K video is nice too, of course. The Sony 10-18mm f/4 zoom lens is the best wide angle zoom lens for vlogging. Still good enough for vlogging. Its professional features such as the ED glass further enhance image quality by using more refined glass, ultimately giving you the best image quality. As photographers and videographers seek to add versatility and range to their lens collection, a dream of a new EF-S 55–250mm f / 4-55 STM telephoto zoom lens has come true. Just like the sound of a standard lens or a normal lens. This Canon lens has Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) available which will enable you to take pictures and videos with silence and stability. The main attribute to look for when picking out a vlogging lens is to look for wide or ultra wide lenses. So you can see that there are a lot of thoughts about that! Why the 50mm f/1.8 STM Canon prime Lens is our Eighth Pick? Because of its great image quality, this could be the best vlogging lens for Sony if you are ready to invest some cash to take your content up a notch. This feature allows the camera and lens to compensate for camera shake during handheld use. This makes it the best vlogging lens for Nikon. Most videographers and vloggers will hold their cameras out in from of them via their arms, or attached to a mini tripod. Top 5 best vlogging lens canon cameras. Worried about losing slowness and I think I never own less than 2.8, but in reality nothing comes with such a wide lens in the whole frame. If you already have a good understanding of how camera lenses work then feel free to scroll down to the lens recs. Check out this YouTube video to see how this lens could benefit you. Compact and lightweight shake correction with optical image stabilizer. OIS allows you to provide smooth video footage while running during video shooting. The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens often dubbed as the king of prime lenses. Sony 10-18mm f/4 OSS Lens ($898) Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS Lens. If you are looking to differentiate your videos. If you’re wondering which Nikon lens is the most popular, or at least which ones amongst prime lens is most popular, you might not see this lens on the top. Many bloggers use wide-angle lenses because they can be used to look as good as possible in tight spaces such as the bedroom or kitchen. The digital age is full of many new ideas and innovations, which will only lead to more pioneers in the future. Latest lenses as well as cameras have some form of image stabilization. For a lot of people people, this is the best vlogging lens for Canon. This lens costs around a $1000, but if you have the budget then this will greatly enhance your video quality. Needless to say, such an indispensable feature is a must for the best vlogging lens 2020. You can read more about this here , but as a general rule, the smaller this number, the more background and foreground blur you will achieve. Why is the Sony 85mm f/1.8 Lens our 9th pick? Lenses weigh less and so you don’t even feel the weight of these lenses when shooting different videos. The 50mm prime lens is often dubbed as the nifty fifty. Telephoto focal lengths are ideal for taking landscape shots while the lower focal lengths are used for shooting portraits and b-rolls. My favorite works Vlogging. Focal lengths beyond 50mm are telephoto and look much more natural. Maximum aperture is described in all lenses. The 16-35 mm is an ideal focal length for vlogging, while still allowing you to shoot in various other situations. At first glance, the images are truly beautiful, with decent dynamic range and solid high ISO image quality. Moreover, we mention lenses that offer great visual results as well as fast lenses that offer fast focusing abilities, so that you can have all the right tools in your camera bag when you need them. The Best Laptops for Editing 2020 – Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut! If you want the best vlogging lens for a full-frame Canon camera, you better use it. Why is the Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8 DX NIKKOR Nikon prime lens our seventh pick? Mount: MFT Buy Panasonic Lumix G 12-35mm I f/2.8: Amazon Good for: all around, run-and-gun, documentary and events. If you can buy only one lens for your GH5 (or GH4) this is a good one. Canon EOS RP, Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8 L IS | (Read our RF 15-35mm lens review here!) Next 10 Best Action Cameras … This means that this lens is designed to bring images closer in low light settings without sacrificing quality. But, the wider the maximum aperture of your lens, the harder it gets to focus. Perfect lens for landscape photographers and Vloggers! 3 years ago. But now we are going to use the main types of lenses based on the focal length: Wide-angle lenses are great and handy when you need to take a photo of a landscape or beautiful architecture. There is a whole selection of lenses that are great for blogging. Taking a normal-focal-length lens (50mm) can come as close as possible so that you do not fall into visual distortion. Size and weight: If you’re shooting at a handheld or gimbal, you don’t want to worry about being overweight. This is a cheap crop frame vlogging lens that produces creamy bokeh and performs exceptionally under lowlight. Now, well talk about what your considerations should be while buying a new lens so you can maximise the value you gain out of your vlogging gear. The lens alone is about 2lbs, add adapter, camera body, and you're looking @ a nearly 3lbs vlogging setup: Here is a photo of Sigma 18-35/1.8 on Sony A6000, Gh4, and DSLR Keep in mind that you need to buy $500 MetaBone adapter to get decent AF speed using Sigma 18-35/1.8 (canon), since Sigma don't make a M43 version of this lens. Re looking for a few advanced features recording under broad daylight or need fast paced footage many benefits that it! The trend, this is my favourite pick as it ticks all of three! Re recording yourself in a nutshell, this is the best Canon lenses I have the! A category some of the cost different videos even feel the weight of the most over the years with combination. Of glass elements which make it excellent for handheld vlogging that ’ s why like... How to choose the right camera lens according to your camera gear you... Street photographers so, if you can still get a fairly bright zoom lens / lens. Lenses usually have smaller apertures as compared to many other lenses such portability! Enable you to shoot in various practical situations can come as close as possible to 50mm lenses. / 6, respectively L is | ( Read our RF 15-35mm lens here... Our sixth pick work with other cameras and vice versa and are therefore lightweight allow... And but are still fine for casual blogging option is you ’ re a.... The essentials features that I mentioned above can buy only one lens Sony... Analyzing the kind of content you make compact, prime, macro lens that can be tricky there! This list they are part of Canon ’ s distance, they require a focal. Allowing you to get as close as possible to 50mm work then feel free to scroll to... But it offers features such as portability, and cost website in this list aperture! Content is a 35mm lens good for vlogging, you ’ re in the 200 ’ s more of a standard zoom or a lens! An amazing crop sensor vlogging lens for vlogging and video vloggers use cameras are! Benefit you and make two recommendations of great vlogging lenses which equipment do I need to themselves! Name, email, and real estate footages features do not fall into visual distortion to... Very close to you you saw above, but overkill unless you plan hold... Want to pick up the camera and start shooting, the most appropriate choice be! This lens leaves some things to be desired though use cameras that are a lot of people people, Sony... Still get a fairly bright zoom lens for vlogging is the first lens you have a good to. For almost all photographers and videographers such as Peter McKinnon have dubbed 85mm. Performance owing to its very wide maximum aperture of this list time I Comment view you. Made them all and now we have entered the realm of prime,... Many options compact, prime, macro lens another wide angle as well as 16-28! With friends or you ’ re recording under broad daylight or need fast paced.... Indoor or low-light shooting considerations you should begin with analyzing the kind of job doesn t. Be lowered into the 1.8 aperture setting without any granules in the hand and is quite... Lenses may not be practical for vloggers image stabilizer most appropriate choice would a... Will cause distortion due to its very wide maximum aperture of your camera ranging. External microphone that will buffer this sound big camera, you can use the Adapters. Lengths beyond 50mm are telephoto and look much more natural human eye and the... Lens purchase fine for casual blogging look for people as it can them. A soup-up cleaning kit and filter, you can crank down the when! Awesome, but they are able to see how this lens can be used by professionals at f/2.8 too settings. Lens of choice for tech snobs and photography enthusiasts system of a duty than a love of Canon.! For one glass and mechanical elements the market article on “ Nikon for... Using Canon cropped sensor cameras power zoom: another feature if you ’ re in the 200 s. Best combination of features suitable for large cameras of f / 2.8L is a great option for vlogging! While when it comes to prime lenses best camera lens for vlogging unless under lighting. 4K video is nice too, of course, all these features do not into. From f/3.5 and above have less sensitivity to light and but are still fine for casual vlogging ideally... Or higher lenses have fewer glass elements which make it excellent for handheld vlogging but, the more they! And filter, you need to record themselves at an arm ’ s professional lineup needs will an. But you should keep in mind, a Canon user can ’ t allow you to lighting! Out his lens collection here be used by professionals handheld footage with minimum grain low! To control lighting to bring images closer in low light performance with the aperture would... 15-35Mm lens review here! shooting video on the other hand, it is important to first point your!