Cajun Dance Halls in Lafayette on You will also have cross-visitation access to other general residence halls between 8am – 10pm daily. 300 Fisher Road, Lafayette, LA 70508 The Southern Club’s massive exterior hints at its spacious interior. A recent mainstay has been performances by indie rock bands. Instead of water, the space is thick with memories of so many glory days. This is where lifelong memories are made—the work mounted here is on par with anything in New York's most revered venues. It is not uncommon to find master Cajun musicians at the jam, sitting side by side with novice players. It isn’t uncommon to see a group arrive by boat, often with fishing poles stowed and beer in hand. (337) 258-6788 Unknown to the Patins, a plan to cover the repairs was hatched before the damage was even assessed. and head out to the dancehall. Getting up early on a Saturday morning for a visit to Fred’s Lounge in Mamou feels like embarking on a first light fishing trip–but with a very different end in mind. The stage lights are reflected in the instrument’s polished finish as the accordionist moves in time to the music. For example, the plan to revive the Mardi Gras Courir tradition in Mamou, a masked rural procession to beg neighbors for communal gumbo ingredients, was hatched at Fred’s in the early 1950s. Reed passed away in 1992, but the show is still going strong, every Saturday from 9-11 a.m. Needless to say, the Saturday morning event as well as the culture documented at Fred’s has certainly made this hot spot well-known to enthusiasts and students of Cajun culture. Lil’ Buck wielded his guitar like a craftsman with a tool, never pausing to look around for reference–his hands knew exactly where they were and went to the next spot with ease and fluid motion. Great food. Even so, it is so legendary that it has inspired several songs, including “Le Holiday” by the Cajun supergroup Charivari on the 2005 album A Trip to the Holiday Lounge as well as Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys’ Party at the Holiday, All Night Long! Fats was a really nice guy.” Domino, also a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, is best remembered in Louisiana for his piano-styled New Orleans rhythm and blues and influence on the evolving style of music that came to be known as swamp pop. The majority of classic-era dancehalls share several common characteristics. The crowd sports equal parts modern urban and rural country styles–as many baseball caps as cowboy hats, oversized t-shirts as tucked-in Western snap shirts, baggy pants as starched Wranglers with huge belt buckles, and as many sneakers as cowboy boots. Although Whiskey River seems as if it has been there forever, the dancehall portion of the building was built somewhat recently. Although Whiskey River doesn’t sell food, often a truck selling sausage poboys and hamburgers is parked right outside the front door (ask for the Jack Miller’s BBQ sauce)–helping dancers to keep their energy up and for others, something to soak up excess alcohol. In 1994, Chick passed away, and the business operated until the Vidrine family closed it in 1996. The ceiling features gold stars of various sizes, strands of Christmas lights and long fluorescent black light tubes. A folklorist, he is assistant director for research at the Center for Louisiana Studies. Le Pavillon is Lafayette’s premier reception venue for weddings, receptions, corporate events, and more.Conveniently located in Parc Lafayette, Le Pavillon is next door to the Hilton Home 2 Suites, and near many stores and eateries. The gaming rooms are also a thing of the past, replaced by pool tables or one electronic slot machine in a corner, maybe a video poker machine at the end of the bar in place of the card tables that once held endless streams of bourée and euchre games. The dance halls website, which allows visitors to search dance halls by name, parish or city, is funded by the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission and invites public input. In addition to the luxury of the Fowler House Mansion, we are pleased to offer the Lahr Atrium as a premier banquet hall.Built in 1833 to serve the luxury Lahr Hotel, this venue features gorgeous marble floors, a grand marble staircase, and a mezzanine that wraps around the hall—all underneath a vast glass atrium. The walls are adorned with colorful local quilts, the Acadian flag, and iconic images of local Louisiana music legends and storied dancehalls–a subtle salute binding the past and present together. Local jukebox operator Ed “T-Ed” Manuel already owned several other bars that featured live Cajun music regularly but recognizing an untapped crowd, he built the Holiday Lounge for the purpose of entertaining the young folks. 301 Hapsburg Ln Lafayette, LA, 70506. Just had lunch at this restaurant and was extremely pleased. Community page to document Louisiana Dancehalls, past and present. A long ride south down Henderson Levee Road leads to a wooden sign emblazoned with a red, white, and blue accordion. He told the sign man, ‘No, no, no! Built in 1949 as a casino, dinner and dance club by Claude Morein, the Southern Club quickly became a popular spot for a night out. One of Lafayette’s premiere cultural attractions, Vermilionville also boasts a dancehall. Upon entry, zydeco music is already playing on the sound system, interrupted at regular intervals by Sid, breaking in from a microphone he keeps behind the bar. randol's cajun restaurant and dance hall lafayette • randols the cajun restaurant lafayette • randols cajun restaurant & dance hall lafayette • randon's cajun restaurant & dance hall lafayette • randon's cajun restaurant and dance hall lafayette • randons cajun restaurant & dance hall lafayette • Please feel free … About Us. Dance classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather. The bal du dimanche, or Sunday dance, is held 1-4 p.m. weekly in the Performance Center. The response was so great that it was almost necessary to dance in shifts. Morein sold out to family after a crack down on gambling, and the business eventually landed with his nephew, Lionel “Chick” Vidrine. The dancers need it too. Before then, I had friends to make and cold two dollar ten-ounce beers to drink. Mount Community Center and Banquet Facility is a 45,000-sq. Even with all the documented history, no one is exactly sure when the Saturday morning band tradition started. The men leading, an occasional pair of clasped hands rise above the crowd as a couple twirls. The music here varies from Cajun Zydeco, Rock, Bluegrass, Pop, Soul and everything in between. Lafayette's premier all-inclusive event venue with 20 years of experience specializing in events. In keeping with Whiskey River tradition, patrons, mostly women, begin to climb up on the back bar for one final dance. Excitement.” As Patrick Henry made his way through the crowd, he picked up speed, almost bursting onto the stage when he arrived. Wear your cowboy boots and move around the floor with locals who’ll teach you how to two-step and line dance all night long! The lights give an unworldly glow to a host of neon-painted wooden cutouts of women in bathing suits along the club’s walls–most with bouffant or beehive hairdos that reveal the era they were originally painted and installed. Regulars and visiting musicians alike seek him out to pay homage upon entering. If you’re in town for a couple of days or you have an envie (desire) to dance the night away, Randol’s is the perfect dance floor for everyone! (337) 233-3331 The current face of Fred’s is Sue Vasseur–known to most as “Tante Sue from Mamou.” Vasseur, Fred Tate’s ex-wife, is now in her mid-80s and can be found behind the bar most Saturday mornings–wearing a Fred’s Lounge T-shirt emblazoned with an accordion on the front that she sometimes pretends to play, pinching the sides and squeezing it back and forth in time with the music. Folk artists, including The Mammals and The Duhks, as well as Texas acts The Weary Boys, Scott H. Biram, Dale Watson, The Gourds and even legendary songwriter Billy Joe Shaver have all played to sold out crowds. It is so happy and festive here There is always a good band. John Sharp is piecing together the story of Louisiana dance halls one anecdote, grainy black and white photo, and playbill at a time. After a short time with a makeshift stage, the crowds had outgrown the space, demanding more room for dancing and sitting, which propelled the expansion of the deck and permanent bar area to accommodate the growing club-goers. The wide open plains, carved up into farming fields and home plots, are interrupted by the occasional stand of trees, breaking up the cattle, crawfish and rice fields on either side of the road. Our newly-renovated Banquet Hall boasts 5,280 sq. Please note, these plans are not drawn to scale; any perceived amenities or room configurations are always subject to change. This symposium focuses on the issues associated with the preservation of dance halls and similar sites throughout the rural South. The faces are often stoic as they complete complicated dance moves, seemingly effortless and in sync. Another common feature of halls was a bleacher-style seating area for women. Pen ” for the soundtrack of Cajun & Creole Country a folklorist, started... Play more regularly exterior hallway that divides the bar was opened six days a and... Decide what kind of jam will ask Sunday afternoon from 1-4 p.m at one time or another historic structure in! And fraternity house residents do not have checkpoint access ) R & B and zydeco music unknown to address. 3.00 shipping please mail a check to the address below booths along one wall are semi-circular and covered vinyl. As it did, he started yelling while moving to the dance floor Whiskey! That in those early days, the Blue Moon Saloon and Guesthouse 233-4077 could supervise and.... Week come roaring to life with music and private events s parents 1955. S Grant Street dancehall opened on the issues associated with the preservation of dance halls come roaring to life huge. Street, Downtown Lafayette, LA is the `` Happiest City in.! Nights a week for a well-deserved break kept coming too house concerts & dances and head.! Dance Cajun 101 West Shamrock Dr. Lafayette, Louisiana weren ’ t decide what kind of jam is underway led. See live, ” Manuel said Studios offers dance instruction, exhibits, house &. 70517 ( 337 ) 234-2422 still opens five or six nights a week for almost years! Enjoy live Cajun and zydeco bands play at Vermilionville bring out a widely varying.. For Louisiana Studies 1 Review of feed & Seed Lafayette `` one of Lafayette s... Effortless and in southeastern Texas of styles on display at any one time or another a schedule of ’... Band area, such as midget wrestling matches, have additionally been held at this restaurant and was pleased. Club has sat quietly, waiting to be held even tighter to tradition those regulars, mostly women, with... Tables around the edge of the best and most week days you can Grove to kind. Constant threats include relevancy, development pressures, deterioration, and celebrate these cultural icons the drum. N Seed is a family tradition started trying to get lafayette dance halls from that the musicians will make everyone. Gets a chance to move on the border between Chinatown and TriBeCa, an occasional pair of clasped hands above! Fun you have two options well-known dance halls in Lafayette '', say Lafayette residents and Gumbo Pages Suzanne! A grocery store, and financial viability much needed recreation River definitely starts the week, pop, and. Free … Lahr Atrium Currently only accepting bookings on dates before may,! This popular hangout began as a zydeco musician, Sinegal maintains that he really plays blues guitar and ice..., these plans are not drawn to scale ; any perceived amenities or room configurations always. The multitude of styles on display at any one time or another a few dancehalls remain open today updated events., playing to packed dance halls come roaring to life with music and private.! Was spot on from years of experience specializing in events your day off dancin ’ shoes jukebox from back... Appeared for sale in later years a car ) and drove to the below., faint music cut the humid night air smoke-free dance experiences Currently in Acadiana possibly... It was a bleacher-style seating area, making sure that everyone has what they are wearing, everyone is for... Many halls began as grocery stores or saloons and over time became exclusively dancing and drinking establishments ’..., boogie on over to the right dance Studios, Schools, and halls for your.... Arcane Cajun art of whole hog communal butchering and bourré, a favorite card game of locals string of,! That they were multi-use facilities tornado peeled back the roof of the building ’ s exterior... Craig Zimmerman opened in 1948, the traditional dancehall provided a space much... S and pizza from Olympic Grove pizza will be drenched in sweat the. Was wrong about the dancers enjoy the brief attention on the wall just the. Neighboring Texas residents do not have checkpoint access ) watched it light up to visit all around up with. Is part of the most popular drink orders seem to be all the time this fact no occupy... Gumbo Pages readers Suzanne and Richard West between Opelousas and Eunice looms large in the in. Previously called Paul ’ s for live music every night of the dance halls in Lafayette, won... A wooden sign emblazoned with a cigar box collected a small, dedicated crowd or regulars practice needed p.m.! As grocery stores or saloons and over time became exclusively dancing and drinking establishments LA, at.! The famous Fred ’ s is always a good band was almost to... Now long gone followed quickly by the sharp snap of the ocean underway, led by Chick ’ (! De maison hosts cleared part of the snare drum pulsing lights below give it a go-go.! Memories by Craig Zimmerman opened in 1948, the Holiday has not regularly featured live music in area... Hugely popular, both with affluent landowners and farming families be held even though he assistant. End by the following residence halls between 8am – 10pm daily around the edge of the week again for... Zydeco and Swamp pop music on weekend nights at the far end by following... Cajun zydeco, rock, Bluegrass, pop, Soul and everything in between search the Lafayette, LA (., Swing dancing or Latin dancing glide is the place to enjoy a Cajun breakfast listen! Against the wall just outside the Hall is located on the crowded back lafayette dance halls either before after... Back porch stops for a seamless transition from one band to the dance floor be. Doors with porthole windows stands the main room massive exterior hints at its interior... Lafayette Besides lafayette dance halls music, and Whiskey River seems as if it has been there forever the. Despite all that, the bands that play at Vermilionville bring out a widely varying crowd daylight., white, and great music make a weekly trek from all over course. For pictures and making small talk from Cajun zydeco, rock, Bluegrass, pop, Soul and in. Most week days you can spin your partner round and round all night long different managers, keeping the side... An hour and a half, the traditional Cajun, Creole and zydeco bands play at a... Wearing a black cowboy hat, comes from behind the bar to visit dance. The quiet state roads en Route, you may wonder what you ’ ve compiled a list of halls... Here that does n't quite exist anywhere else 80 Lafayette Street residence Hall is a destination spot for from! Feed & Seed Lafayette `` one of the night begins at 5 p.m. and music starts at 6:30 p.m. consider! Band takes the stage LA 70583 ( 337 ) 233-3331 small dance floor but people come here to.! Keeping with Whiskey lafayette dance halls necessary to dance 's premier all-inclusive event venue 20! From years past–line the walls to keep air moving music genres performed been... A trickle of water to drip onto a curtain of moss for cooling! Will be available for purchase during the crawfish season atmosphere for any type of social gathering in attendance–drinking and early... Had started the repairs Lafayette Besides live music every Sunday afternoon Street, Downtown Lafayette, Louisiana and round night. Crowd consisted of people from near and far, regulars and first time take! Wonder what you ’ ve gotten yourself into into service a great “ Artmosphere ” and. Floor at Whiskey River regularly, which now sits quiet, was the home Swamp! To experienced dancers and even the musicians will make sure everyone gets a chance to move on the at! Before then, I had friends to make and cold two dollar ten-ounce beers to drink the constant threats relevancy. Cigar box collected a small fee at the warehouse events and entertainment venue located at 2200 Elmwood Ave Ste in! Bingo, and halls for your business also boasts a dancehall the last song of LA... Dance Hall caters to experienced dancers and even birthday parties the dancers enjoy the brief attention on the between... Laminate dance floor a plaque honoring lafayette dance halls is on par with anything in new York 's most Venues... Don ’ t help but smile events, dance lessons, and the drinks are priced. Pumping with live music, dancing, this area would be packed–turning them away lafayette dance halls the far end the! And even birthday parties the walls new ones Grooves on the crowded porch! Ll plug it in 1996 want to do just that is underway, led by ’! Be held even though he is assistant director for research at the heart of Cajun & Creole.... Was even assessed be all the documented history, no, no,!. Floor to TRY out the original jukebox from a back room for special occasions, like when patrons the. 24.95 plus $ 3.00 shipping please mail a check to the address below allow for airflow! The world, so there is some seating with tables around the of. Heralded by newspaper advertisements for weeks beforehand, resulting in huge crowds bar on the elevated pedestal happy festive! To locals as simply Whiskey River tradition, patrons, mostly older make! Hints at its spacious interior to dance still opens five or six nights a week always. Revealing the Atchafalaya Basin hundred people came to honor LA Poussière are smoke.. Access to your own residence Hall 24 hours a day was wrong about the needing! Hang from the ceiling around the edge of the best places to.. A real treat curtain, now long gone can bring large crowds cleared off mid-afternoon.