Mar Biol. Distribution of Mytilus edulis, M. galloprovincialis, and their hybrids in open-coast populations of mussels in southwestern England. The blue mussel Mytilus edulis L. and its southern relative, M. galloprovincialis Lmk., are two forms of mussel that live and are cultivated on the coasts of Europe. Distribution. The results identified the presence of all 3 Mytilus species in a patchy distribution around the Norwegian coast, with the Mediterranean species M. galloprovincialis located up to 60°N. Mytilus galloprovincialis and M. trossulus are sympatric and hybridize near Whidbey Island, Washington, in San Francisco Bay, and in San Diego Bay. 310).Smaller individuals move to the outer edge of the colony (Ref. 112108).Members of the class Bivalvia are mostly gonochoric, some are protandric hermaphrodites. Global distribution Previous records of Mytilus edulis on north African coasts, and in the Mediterranean were probably Mytilus galloprovincialis and Mytilus edulis is absent from the Pacific coast of North America (Gosling, 1992c; Seed, 1992). The implications of this situation for biomonitoring programs and exposure studies are discussed. Mytilus edulis, Mytilus trossulus and Mytilus galloprovincialis are sibling species which have distinct but overlapping distributions (see Gosling, 1992c) and may hybridize in areas of overlap (Wonham, 2004 and references therein). A second diagnostic anonymous nuclear PCR marker was used to examine the extent of hybridization at Palo Alto, California. Gardner, J.P.A., Westfall, K.M. Recently this species has also been found in the European Arctic including northern Norway and Svalbard . The one-compartment TK model with first-order kinetics is illustrated using data on accumulation and depuration of the pharmaceutical tetrazepam in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis (Gomez et al., 2012).The experimental design included an exposure phase of seven days, followed by a 7-day depuration in clean water. Skibinski DO, Beardmore JA, Cross TF. 310).Feeds on a variety of phyto- and zooplankton (Ref. Up to date, the type or types of mussel that exist on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula have not been clearly determined even though the N.W. 95344).Occurs in quiet waters and lives lower in the intertidal zone attached to rock substrates (Ref. 2012 Geographic distribution and molecular identification of a metapopulation of blue mussels (genus Mytilus) in northeastern New Zealand., Journal of Molluscan Studies, 78 (p.66) In Europe, Mytilus galloprovincialis is found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, and on the Atlantic coasts, in Portugal, north to France and the British Isles and Norway. The Mediterranean mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis, is a commercially important species with a continuous distribution spanning the eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black Sea. Found in warmer waters (Ref. Diagnostic length differences in a PCR amplified fragment of the gene for byssal adhesive protein were used to study the zoogeographic distribution of Mytilus galloprovincialis and M. trossulus along the west coast of North America and in Japan. 2002;140:137–142. Distribution Top of page.