[117] Ohio has the third largest manufacturing workforce behind California and Texas. In 1802, he served in the convention to form a constitution for the State of Ohio. Current teams include the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball,[177][178] the Columbus Crew SC and FC Cincinnati of Major League Soccer,[179] the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association,[180] the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns of the National Football League,[181] and the Columbus Blue Jackets of the National Hockey League.[182]. [121] Ohio has five of the top 115 colleges in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report's 2010 rankings,[122] and was ranked No. [53] It is also possible that the Monongahela held no land in Ohio during the Colonial Era. Other metropolitan areas that contain cities in Ohio include: Ohio cities that function as centers of United States micropolitan areas include: Archeological evidence of spear points of both the Folsom and Clovis types indicate that the Ohio Valley was inhabited by nomadic people as early as 13,000 BC. [91], As of 2011, 27.6% of Ohio's children under the age of 1 belonged to minority groups.[93]. [33], Although few have registered as noticeable to the average resident, more than 200 earthquakes with a magnitude of 2.0 or higher have occurred in Ohio since 1776. [4][18] Ohio is historically known as the "Buckeye State" after its Ohio buckeye trees, and Ohioans are also known as "Buckeyes".[12]. Past 90 Days . Grand Lake St. Marys in the west-central part of the state was constructed as a supply of water for canals in the canal-building era of 1820–1850. In which time zone is Ohio? [117] Government employs 787,000 Ohioans (15.1%), manufacturing employs 669,000 Ohioans (12.9%), and professional and technical services employs 638,000 Ohioans (12.2%). Refer to the requirements for each building envelope area, based on your project’s Climate Zone IECC 2015 Requirements by Climate Zone 3. Climate Temperatures in Ohio are similar to those across the north-central and eastern United States, with summer highs seldom reaching 100 °F (38 °C) and winter lows rarely dropping below −20 °F (−29 °C). According to the 2010 United States Census, the racial composition of Ohio was the following:[100][101]. 6.2% of Ohio's population is under five years of age, 23.7 percent under 18 years of age, and 14.1 percent were 65 or older. The majority of the state falls under zone 6a, with low temperatures bottoming out between minus 5 and minus 10 F. Low-lying regions like Cuyahoga Valley National Park are designated as zone 5b and are the coldest spots in the state with temperatures reaching minus 15 F. Retrieved August 17, 2017. Territorial surveyors from Fort Steuben began surveying an area of eastern Ohio called the Seven Ranges at about the same time. The Ohio climate is known as a humid continental climate in the majority of the state. Cincinnati is home to its own ballet, symphony orchestra, pops orchestra, and opera, all housed at the Cincinnati Music Hall. Of these, 229,049 (2.0%) were naturalized US citizens and 240,699 (2.1%) were not. … Also evidencing this climatic transition from a subtropical to continental climate, several plants such as the Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora), Albizia julibrissin (mimosa), Crape Myrtle, and even the occasional Needle Palm are hardy landscape materials regularly used as street, yard, and garden plantings in the Bluegrass region of Ohio; but these same plants will simply not thrive in much of the rest of the state. From just over 45,000 residents in 1800, Ohio's population grew faster than 10% per decade (except for the 1940 census) until the 1970 census, which recorded just over 10.65 million Ohioans. Averages are for Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken Field, which is 5 miles from Cincinnati. [115] As of 2016[update], Ohio's gross domestic product (GDP) was $626 billion. "Franquelin's map of Louisiana". Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Get access to this video and our entire Q&A library. [109] 36% of Ohioans indicate that they attend religious services at least once weekly, 35% occasionally, and 27% seldom or never. [139] The current governor is Mike DeWine since 2019, a member of the Republican Party. Near Portsmouth, OH, 1986‐1‐31", "Historic Earthquakes. In 1912 a Constitutional Convention was held with Charles Burleigh Galbreath as secretary. It was centered in western Ohio, and had a magnitude of 5.4, and was of intensity VIII. Ohio is home to 30 art institutions, including the Columbus Museum of Art, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, and other entities. Ohio's geographic location has proven to be an asset for economic growth and expansion. answer! Major east-west through routes include the Ohio Turnpike (I-80/I-90) in the north, I-76 through Akron to Pennsylvania, I-70 through Columbus and Dayton, and the Appalachian Highway (State Route 32) running from West Virginia to Cincinnati. Harrison conducted his political career while living on the family compound, founded by his father-in-law, John Cleves Symmes, in North Bend, Ohio. Climate zones from Figure 1101.7 or Table 1101.7 shall be used for determining the applicable requirements in Sections 1101 through 1111. Their men's basketball team has over 1,800 wins, 33 March Madness appearances, and is currently on a nine-year streak of appearances as of 2019. Then, match the color of that location to the legend to the right. The zone designation means that on average, the temperature during the winter dips as low as minus 5 to minus 10 Fahrenheit. Past 30 Days . [31] The lowest recorded temperature was −39 °F (−39 °C), at Milligan on February 10, 1899,[32] during the Great Blizzard of 1899. Home Insulation Affects BTU Requirements. Climate Maps for Ohio. The Northwest Territory doubled the size of the United States, and establishing it as free of slavery proved to be of tremendous importance in the following decades. The four international include Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, John Glenn Columbus International Airport, Dayton International Airport, and Rickenbacker International Airport (one of two military airfields). In 2010, there were 469,700 foreign-born residents in Ohio, corresponding to 4.1% of the total population. [15][16][17] Partitioned from the Northwest Territory, Ohio was the 17th state admitted to the Union on March 1, 1803, and the first under the Northwest Ordinance. Virginia-born William Henry Harrison lived most of his life in Ohio and is also buried there. Refer to the climate map at the top of the page to get a range of BTUs needed per square foot based on your geographic location. Heavy Precipitation and Flooding. [81] Later that year, when Confederate troops under the leadership of Stonewall Jackson threatened Washington, D.C., Ohio governor David Tod still could recruit 5,000 volunteers to provide three months of service. In 1862, the state's morale was badly shaken in the aftermath of the Battle of Shiloh, a costly victory in which Ohio forces suffered 2,000 casualties. FIGURE 1101.7. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is located in Canton. There are 12 NCAA Division II universities and 22 NCAA Division III universities in Ohio. [34][35], The most substantial known earthquake in Ohio history was the Anna (Shelby County) earthquake,[36] which occurred on March 9, 1937. Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Mansfield, and Youngstown are in the Northeast, known for major industrial companies Goodyear Tire and Rubber and Timken, top ranked colleges Case Western Reserve University and Kent State University, the Cleveland Clinic, and cultural attractions including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Big Five group Cleveland Orchestra, Playhouse Square, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. At the municipal level, there are approximately 700 school districts statewide. Interstate 75 between Cincinnati and Dayton is one of the heaviest traveled sections of interstate in Ohio. Xavier's men's basketball has performed particularly well, with 27 March Madness appearances. Major north–south routes include I-75 in the west through Toledo, Dayton, and Cincinnati, I-71 through the middle of the state from Cleveland through Columbus and Cincinnati into Kentucky, and I-77 in the eastern part of the state from Cleveland through Akron, Canton, New Philadelphia and Marietta south into West Virginia. Popular musicians from Ohio include Mamie Smith, Dean Martin, Dave Grohl, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots, Frankie Yankovic, Doris Day, The McGuire Sisters, The Isley Brothers, Bobby Womack, Howard Hewett, Shirley Murdock, Boz Scaggs, John Legend, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, Griffin Layne, Joe Dolce, Benjamin Orr of The Cars, Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, William "Bootsy" Collins, Stephanie Eulinberg of Kid Rock's Twisted Brown Trucker Band, and Devo. For instance, some trees with more southern ranges, such as the blackjack oak, Quercus marilandica, are found at their northernmost in Ohio just north of the Ohio River. But rainfall during the four wettest days of the year has increased about [157] The Economist notes that "This slice of the mid-west contains a bit of everything American—part north-eastern and part southern, part urban and part rural, part hardscrabble poverty and part booming Of the fifty states, it is the 34th-largest by area, the seventh-most populous, and the tenth-most densely populated. List of Hardiness Zones for Ohio Cities and Locations; Ohio Location USDA Hardiness Zone(s) Aberdeen: Zone 6b: Ada: Zone 6a: Adams County: Zone 6a, 6b: Adamsville: Zone 6a: Addyston: Zone 6a: Adelphi: Zone 6a: Adena: Zone 6a: Akron: Zone 6a, 6b: Albany: Zone 6a: Alexandria: Zone 6a: Alger: Zone 6a: Allen County: Zone 6a: Alliance: Zone 6a: Alvordton: Zone 5b: Amanda: Zone 6a: … You can also view the Guide to Determining Climate Regions by County. The southern region has the warmest temperatures and longest growing season—198 days on the average, compared with 150 to 178 days in the remainder of the state. Sales per quarter for Sunshine Shores Boat and Ski... Temperate Climate Zone Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts, What is a Climate? About 6.7% of the population age 5 years and older reported speaking a language other than English, with 2.2% of the population speaking Spanish, 2.6% speaking other Indo-European languages, 1.1% speaking Asian and Austronesian languages, and 0.8% speaking other languages. 1. Ohio is the largest producer in the country of plastics, rubber, fabricated metals, electrical equipment, and appliances. In 1796, he was commissioned by President George Washington as Surveyor-General of United States Lands. Bicycle Route 50 traverses Ohio from Steubenville to the Indiana state line outside Richmond.[138]. When you click on the Ohio plant map above, you can easily locate your planting zone. Ohio's neighbors are Pennsylvania to the east, Michigan to the northwest, Lake Erie to the north, Indiana to the west, Kentucky on the south, and West Virginia on the southeast. Ohio occupies 16 seats in the United States House of Representatives. ", "Historic United States Earthquakes. [139][140][141], The executive branch is headed by the governor of Ohio. - Definition, Facts & Types, Vector Resolution: Definition & Practice Problems, What is a Plateau? Though predominantly white, Ohio has large black populations in all major metropolitan areas throughout the state, Ohio has a significant Hispanic population made up of Mexicans in Toledo and Columbus, and Puerto Ricans in Cleveland and Columbus, and also has a significant and diverse Asian population in Columbus. ], or ordered to do so by law, in the early 19th century with the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The Columbus Museum of Art holds nineteenth and early twentieth-century American and European art, including early Cubist paintings by Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris, works by François Boucher, Paul Cézanne, Mary Cassatt, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Edward Hopper, and Norman Rockwell, and installations by Mel Chin, Josiah McElheny, Susan Philipsz, and Allan Sekula. (View the map of Ohio for zones, including those affected by proximity to Lake Erie) In Ohio, the Lincoln Highway linked many towns and cities together, including Canton, Mansfield, Wooster, Lima, and Van Wert. ", "The Math Behind the 2000 Census Apportionment of Representatives", "Swing, Bellwether, and Red and Blue States", "History of the Appalachian Regional Commission", "GCT-T1 Ohio County Population Estimates—2005", "The History of the MCD: The Conservancy Act", "State of Emergency in 37 Ohio Counties Declared", "All-Time Temperature Maximums By State (2003)", "All-Time Temperature Minimums By State (2003)", "The Great Blizzard of 1899: Deep South, Deep Freeze", "Structure Contour Map on the Precambrian Unconformity Surface in Ohio and Related Basement Features", "OhioSeis Earthquake FAQ: What was the biggest earthquake in Ohio? are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members. The capital and most populous city of Ohio is Columbus, with other major cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo dotting the landscape. As of 2000[update], Ohio's center of population is located in Morrow County,[91] in the county seat of Mount Gilead. Ohio's central position and its population gave it an important place during the Civil War. 17-01: Revised Delineations of Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Micropolitan Statistical Areas, and Combined Statistical Areas, and Guidance on Uses of the Delineations of These Areas", United States Office of Management and Budget, "Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018—United States—Metropolitan Statistical Area; and for Puerto Rico", "Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2018—United States—Combined Statistical Area; and for Puerto Rico", "Religion and the Congress of the Confederation, 1774–89", "Clearing up the Confusion surrounding OHIO's Admission to Statehood", "Census of Population: 1970, Part 37—Ohio, Section 1", "Ohio Population News: Why did Ohio lose a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives? The climate across all of the state’s planting zones go from one extreme to another. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal In April 2016, a lawsuit was filed, challenging this policy on the grounds that it violated the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993[165] and the Help America Vote Act of 2002. In a year, the rainfall is 839 mm | 33.0 inch. - Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts, What is a Civilization? Most of the areas fall into Zone 5 a, but I can say from experience that there are times our winters drop into the temperatures of Zone 5 b (-15° to 10° Fahrenheit). The Capitol Limited and the Lake Shore Limited serve Toledo, Cleveland and other northern Ohio cities. The following places are categorized as class 5A climate zones: Adair County, Iowa: Energy Resources Douglas T. Price; Gary M. Feinman (2008). [154] Pivotal in the election of 1888, Ohio has been a regular swing state since 1980.[155][156]. VIEW BY REGION United States Alaska Great Plains Hawaii Mid-Atlantic Midwest Northeast Rocky Mountains South Southwest West Climate is the average of weather over time. All precipitation in inches. They settled at Marietta, Ohio, where they built a large fort called Campus Martius. As Ohio prepared for statehood, the Indiana Territory was created, reducing the Northwest Territory to approximately the size of present-day Ohio plus the eastern half of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and the eastern tip of the Upper Peninsula and a sliver of southeastern Indiana called "The Gore". [133] 5,212,000 Ohioans are currently employed by wage or salary. Because Ohio links the Northeast to the Midwest, much cargo and business traffic passes through its borders along its well-developed highways. It was also at Putnam's recommendation that the land would be surveyed and laid out in townships of six miles square. © copyright 2003-2020 Study.com. and convinced to leave[how? On a smaller scale, Ohio hosts minor league baseball, arena football, indoor football, mid-level hockey, and lower division soccer. What are the time zone names for standard time and Daylight Saving Time in 2020? Severe lake effect snowstorms are also not uncommon on the southeast shore of Lake Erie, which is located in an area designated as the Snowbelt. [13] The largest groups were:[105] Mexico (54,166), India (50,256), China (34,901), Germany (19,219), Philippines (16,410), United Kingdom (15,917), Canada (14,223), Russia (11,763), South Korea (11,307), and Ukraine (10,681). The largest ancestry groups (which the Census defines as not including racial terms) in the state are:[13][106]. The ranges in the heating climate zone chart above assume a home with average insulation. This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 14:08. Each senator represents approximately 330,000 constituents. [50] The most notable remnant of the Adena culture is the Great Serpent Mound, located in Adams County, Ohio. Ohio's system of public education is outlined in Article VI of the state constitution, and in Title XXXIII of the Ohio Revised Code. The worst weather disaster in Ohio history occurred along the Great Miami River in 1913. According to the United States Department of Energy, almost the entire state of Ohio is located in the cool-humid climate zone. Additionally, the North Country Trail (the longest of the eleven National Scenic Trails authorized by Congress) and the American Discovery Trail (a system of recreational trails and roads that collectively form a coast-to-coast route across the mid-tier of the United States) pass through Ohio. Under the Jeffersonian principle that laws should be reviewed once a generation, the constitution provided for a recurring question to appear on Ohio's general election ballots every 20 years. Past 30 Days . Ohio is bordered by Lake Erie to the north, Pennsylvania to the east, West Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, Indiana to the west, and Michigan to the northwest. [117] Ohio's manufacturing sector is the third-largest of all fifty United States states in terms of gross domestic product. Annual Weather Averages Near Miami County. Aberdeen. The state government of Ohio consists of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches. [111], According to the same data, a majority of Ohioans, 55%, feel religion is "very important", 30% that it is "somewhat important", and 15% that religion is "not too important/not important at all". [150] The House of Representatives is composed of 99 members.[151]. Many of these Ohio-country nations were multi-ethnic (sometimes multi-linguistic) societies born out of the earlier devastation brought about by disease,[clarification needed] war, and subsequent social instability.