One of the CD's was cracked in multiple spots from the inside. However, I cannot get the CD player to play and I cannot get the CDs to eject. How to mend anything. The 6-disc portion of the changer is completely separate from the main part of the tuner chassis. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, incoolers, turbo’s and more! FORD 6-CD WON'T EJECT? By gently slipping a credit card into the slot and just moving it around a tiny bit, it was enough, in my case, to cause the CD to eject nicely. Then if it happens to work for awhile then great. Hi everyone, my 6-CD changer from a 2003 mustang gt got jammed today. There are no answers yet. Your name: (Enter your name as you wish it to be displayed.) :D My 6 cd-changer suddenly wouldn't show up on the command system screen and I haven't been able to eject it, then a few weeks later it showed up again on the command system screen and then disappeared. Hi. Put a CD in slot 1, tried to eject it and nothing came out. Any easy fix to reset? The player holds 6 disks, but there's only 1 in there right now. hi, Radio only works. Answers. I ejected all the Cd's but It thinks nothing is left inside but obviously it is. Try to include as much detail as possible.) 4. I had my CD/DVD player replaced under warranty because of buzzing noises it made when the car was turned on. Repeat step # 2 as needed until the ‘loaded’ CD you’re trying to either play or eject does something (plays or ejects). 2013-2016 C-Max / Escape and 2012-2016 Focus And 2015 Edge – Compact Disc Player Failure To Eject Disc. Ask for free help:: home:: add a question ... Disc stuck in the CD mechanism. How to disable Paddle Shifters on a 2017 Ford … I hadn't had the chance to disconnect the power - so I don't know what did it; but, it seems to be OK now. Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. Any attempt to use any function of CD player results in CD ERROR displayed. So i did, all 6 of them, real fast before it had a chance to mess up again lol. Malfunctioning Cd Multi-changer - posted in I.C.E (In Car Entertainment) Discussion: (sigh) went to put a CD into standard-fit 6-disc multichanger today - first time I've tried to use the thing in months as I'm basically a "tape" person, and the cartridge won't eject when the orange button is pressed. 2013-2015 C-Max, Escape and 2012-2015 Focus And 2015 Edge vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch can exhibit a compact disc (CD) stuck in the player when attempting to eject.. The Bose in-dash 6-disc changer system is found in many vehicles as a standard or after market audio accessory. CD player in Ford Fusion is saying "disk error" and won't eject or load disk. Explore Our Forums. mimito4 in Knoxville, TN on . Your answer: (Add your answer here. I went to eject one of my cds earlier today and hit ejt and it asked which slot and I picked 6. … Answer. PLEASE HELP! They all come with new electronic internals, Rebuild Radio Cassette Player style … Home > Motoring > Clarion 6 disc CD changer won't work. Sometimes it will say EJECT CD--ALL. But when I try to eject the magazine, the flap lifts but the magazine won't eject. Apparently what happens is that a CD might be slightly "lipped" or thick, and some early versions of the 6-disc changer have trouble ejecting them because the CD drawer is slightly askew. Since then, my stock 6 disc cd changer no longer works. Automotive Forums .com Car Chat > Ford > Windstar > 6 cd changer won't eject or play (2003 Windstar) 6 cd changer won't eject or play (2003 Windstar) Add your comment to this topic! When I push the EJECT button, I … 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - 6 Disc CD Changer Problem - If you can relate to this or have any advice plz give me a hand before I buy a new one and waste 6 perfectly good cd's. Vehicle gridlock on our roads range rover 2004 l322. The Ford Edge crossover vehicle features an in-dash six-CD changer. darbo1103 | 10:56 Sat 24th Oct 2009 ... Is there a manual eject button on the changer to allow me to get the discs out and what could have caused the radio to stop working? I tried to eject one CD, then unit got locked up, it says"CD ERROR" and now it won't do anything. 1. take two knives (tweezers are too wide) and "tweeze" the CD out of the CD changer. The unit was popular with the Mazda, Nissan/Infinity line, Honda and others in the early 2000s, up to 2005. The other dics all play well and my wife emptied the player and put in another 6cd's, They all play fine it is as if the other disc just vanished into thin air. 1 to 6 of 6. Hi, hope someone can help. It has a 6 disc CD player in it, BUT, the 6 disk magazine that is in the center console is stuck, and won't eject. 6 Disc CD changer magazine won't eject i cannot eject the magazine for the six disc CD changer mounted in the trunk. Hi, I have a 2001 Subaru Forester. It makes a clicking noise as though it is trying to retrieve a disc, but it keeps saying "MECHANICAL ERR". Volkswagen Jetta. I just bought a 1996 FordExplorer XLT. Well some how my CD has healed itself. Usually, the CD changer goes back to normal after this step. ... Ford Taurus. Some of the problems that we have repaired are: Not switching to CD Changer when you press the CD button; Won't eject, load, or play CD's - what to do to get my cd's out? Hi all, I have put a new cd into my 6 cd changer Ford Mondeo Ghia x 2001 and it swallowed the disc. Be the first to answer this question. I got into the car last night and switched on the radio and I saw the display did not say "NO CD" I hit the eject button and the CD poped out and the CD player has work fine since. Ford in-dash changers In Dash 6 Disc Changer. Wouldnt let me eject the CD's Until this past week, the CD changer decided to let me eject my CD's. This could cause damage to the CD, but it's better than not having a functioning CD changer. Join. My Dad worked at Simi Ford for 28 years and when it came time to get the 03 focus he recommended we NOT get the 6 disk in-dash changer. Ford Oem Factory Radios Amplifiers CD Changers Ford car audio replacement Radios and audio accesories, Oem original factory Ford car Radios, we carry new and Re-manufactured, original equipment Ford head units CD players Ford CD changer in dash CD6 Radio changers factory JBL amplifier sub-woofers and speakers. 16 Answers. Yhey won't play or eject. Common problems included CDs getting stuck or not loading properly. Loud clicking each time you start the vehicle Asked by Wiki User. 0 0 1. Answer this question + 100. The changer is held in place with 4 T-15 Torx screws. CD ERROR. Many Ford owners have reported problems with the CD changer, which came standard in other model Ford vehicles. This was installed by dealer locally when car was purchased. Kinda curious to insert another CD in there to see if it works now or not. CD Player won't work. I have also had to attempt forcing a disc in our Lexus to get it to wake up and accept or eject. CD changer has been working fine, all six discs play and change from one to another. If I hold the eject button down for an extended time, it gives me a small beep. My radio is working fine. If you feel the stuck CD start to eject, to care to ensure that it doesn't become sandwiched between the second CD and the edge of the CD … Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Hello there! Other questions in this category - Audio, In-Car CD/Radios: ford 6006e cd problem? And, I can't set my state/zip code for the weather information. It's fixed, but now the left side of the Nav screen (where you can upload and view personal photos) won't allow me to view anything but the Ford logo. Now none of the CDs loaded will play and none of the CDs will eject. If it doesn't, close the lid of the CD changer, where it says CD-6 by... 2. Answer Save. Ford Explorer. Last week I tried to load a CD (a purchased, non homemade CD, no paper label) into an empty slot of my 6 CD changer and it made a bad "click" sound when the CD went in. The disc doesn't retract. I have a 2003 Ford Windstar with the 6 CD changer, which up until now (5 years of use) has worked fine. What can you do about a 6 disc CD changer in an 03 Eddie Bauer Expedition that won't load shows full but doesn't eject? By doing this, you are attempting to give the stuck CD traction against the mechanism that the player uses to eject it. 1 answer & 0 comments. Full Forum Listing. Then a few seconds later it says "EJECT DISC". Also, does your unit give you the option of selecting which disc you want to eject, my 6 cd changer in my Nissan Rogue would require me to select the number (placement of the disc in the unit) I wanted to eject. I have tried pushing the eject button numerous times, and have tried holding the button for minutes, and NOTHING. Clarion 6 disc CD changer won't work. I can't eject it (it says "no disk") and I can't load a new disk in any of the open slots (it says "disk error"). CD's are stuck in player. HOLD ONTO THE CD AS YOU INSERT IT AND THEN REMOVE IT 3. Display shows NO CD yet there are 6 … February 18, 2010. ... A forum community dedicated to Ford Focus ST owners and enthusiasts. I have been searching and searching and can't find a … Factory Bose 6 cd changer won't eject cds (2006 Nissan Pathfinder) It sounds like it is trying to eject, but nothing comes out. The radio won't even switch into CD … Take it apart gently and then like already said un jam the Cd's. ... Eric September 2005: Same problem here. BMW 325i. Answer. Popular Answer. Press the ‘Eject All/Auto Eject’ button after the ‘tool’ CD is no longer partially inserted in the load slot. Dunno how that happened. 6 disc cd changer won't eject in my 1997 ford explorer? Had way to many problems at the time. Press the 'Eject' button and gently wiggle the CD around. Trending Questions. FORD GM HONDA HYUNDAI INTEGRA ISUZU INFINITI LEGEND LEXUS MAZDA MAXIMA MERCEDES NISSAN NSX ODYSSEY PASSPORT PATHFINDER PONTIAC PRELUDE RL SUBARU SUBMIT TL SALE TOYOTA Chrysler In Dash 6 Disc Changer. Trending Questions. Cd stuck in Mondeo 6 cd changer. The unit is designed to allow the driver to choose from … V8, AWD. Free repair help Audio, In-Car CD/Radios - ford escape dash 6 cd changer will not eject play. All the CDs are in the 6 CD Disc changer and I can see that as being fully loaded.

ford 6 disc cd changer won't eject

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