It's kosher and comes in a 48 oz bottle. Among the best-selling collections from Hershey's are the Hershey Chocolate Chip Cookies 12G X 44 / Hershey / Snack, [Hersheys] Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate 40G X 24 Packet Halal!. }); l.clientActualEvent&&g.when(l.clientActualEvent).execute("ToofanAct",function(){c.measureActualNow()});g.declare("devmea:controller",c)}})}else m("tfn-e-no-P")})(f,f.ue_t0,f.performance);"use strict";(function(b,f,r){var h=b.ue&&b.ue.count||function(){},m=b.ue&&b.ue.tag||function(){},e=b.testHooks;if(b.P){var k={},d=function(a,b){var c;for(c=0;c

hershey's chocolate syrup price

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