Some of the constant threats include relevancy, development pressures, deterioration, and financial viability. Lafayette, LA 70508. The bal du dimanche, or Sunday dance, is held 1-4 p.m. weekly in the Performance Center. On her belt is a holster that holds a flask filled with cinnamon schnapps that she occasionally passes around to patrons who would like to take a shot with her. Sound fills the room, and a wave of activity begins as couples get up from their seats to fill the dance floor. The hall is in close proximity to the culturally significant neighborhoods of City Hall, Chinatown, Little Italy and trendy SoHo, the fashion capitol of Manhattan. Forty-six of Louisiana’s sixty-four parishes featured dancehalls at one time or another. (Off-campus students, commuters, and fraternity house residents do not have checkpoint access). Fun things to do in Lafayette Since 1986 the Town Planner Calendar has been keeping families across America up-to-date about events and other fun things to do right in their hometown. The lights give an unworldly glow to a host of neon-painted wooden cutouts of women in bathing suits along the club’s walls–most with bouffant or beehive hairdos that reveal the era they were originally painted and installed. A recent mainstay has been performances by indie rock bands. The dancers need it too. As the crowd rolled in, Lil’ Buck’s band continued to play as a few university students paused to listen from outside the open front door of the club, then turned to head downtown where cruising and drink specials rule the night. Some of these fans featured a reservoir that allowed a trickle of water to drip onto a curtain of moss for maximum cooling effect. Grant Street Dance Hall. Reverse the action–that motion is telling the people to go away–I want it to draw the people in.’ He fixed the sign and sure enough, it brought the people.”. If you’re in town for a couple of days or you have an envie (desire) to dance the night away, Randol’s is the perfect dance floor for everyone! You see, even though the Holiday was built for the younger crowd, I always liked hanging out with the older people and listening to French music. (337) 228-2277 At Grant Street Dance Hall you have two options! 7.5K likes. A string of green, gold and purple flags advertising beer hang from the ceiling around the band area. 2320 Kaliste Saloom Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508 In the twenty-first century, traditional dance halls no longer occupy the central place the once did. The response was so great that it was almost necessary to dance in shifts. Chick’s brother, Rayburn Vidrine, worked at the club for 25 years and saw lots of acts, but his favorite performer to see at the club was Antoine “Fats” Domino. feet of space including a beautiful 25' X 25' wood laminate dance floor. The customers, staff and even the musicians will make sure everyone gets a chance to move on the dance floor at Whiskey River. It is not uncommon to find master Cajun musicians at the jam, sitting side by side with novice players. “All these people in here–now this is how it used to be all the time. Search the Lafayette, Louisiana Credibility Review business directory at (337) 258-6788 Randol's, Lafayette "The absolute best dance hall in Lafayette", say Lafayette residents and Gumbo Pages readers Suzanne and Richard. Dauphine’s Dancehall in Parks featured a baseball diamond, a bar, a grocery store, and an ice cream parlor. The regulars all say their good-byes–knowing they will see each other next week–same time, same place. Check out who’s playing here. His appearance sent a wave of energy careening through as the entire room rose to their feet. The two things intertwined well, allowing visitors to experience local culture in a literal backyard, while locals enjoyed a revolving cast of characters to share their culture with. His son, Dr. Tommy Michot, stated that bands occasionally played there in front of the screen either before or after the movies. The Williams Center presents the world’s finest performers in classical and world music, jazz, theater, and dance in its acoustically superb 400-seat concert hall. It feels relaxed, welcoming and homey, like sitting on a friend’s back porch–and that’s what it is–Lafayette’s back porch. People would be dancing everywhere. To order a copy of Danser Avec Nous! Even more thrilling were the performances of New Orleans genre mixers The Iguanas, piano champions Henry Gray and Henry Butler, jazz funk guitarist Leo Nocentelli of The Meters and the Rebirth Brass Band. Email. Sadly, no Louisiana organization exists to preserve, support, and celebrate these cultural icons. As they played, the band cooked a gumbo just off the stage and around the corner by a pool table, which they served to the crowd when they took a break. The side has a large mural proclaiming “Mamou–Cajun Music Capital of the World.” The band inside has already begun, and you struggle to make out a barely discernable tune, muffled as it makes its way through the building’s brick and cinder block walls. Booths along one wall are semi-circular and covered in vinyl. Another common feature of halls was a bleacher-style seating area for women. Find the right Dance Studios, Schools, and Halls for your business. Unknown to the Patins, a plan to cover the repairs was hatched before the damage was even assessed. A bucket of beers is cheaper than buying them individually, saves you time spent in line, and even provides a way to keep your beer cold while you dance. And trust us, there’s never any shortage of music! Lafayette Blue Moon Saloon: Cajun, Zydeco, Roots Rock, and Alternative bands every Thursday through Saturday, Cajun jam on Wednesday, and music on special occasions Cowboys: Cajun or Zydeco every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and special occasions The area around the building abuzz with activity: children running and playing a game of tag, women greeting each other, and men shaking hands and slapping each other on the back. Grant Street Dancehall, Lafayette, Louisiana. Décor includes beer and liquor signs, as well as banners and posters from events past and future. The C.W. They serve classic creole cooking, and does not disappoint. Phone (337) 981-7080. As a result, some groups in small towns, like Mamou, held even tighter to tradition. Fred.”. Along the banks of the Bayou Vermilion rests the Vermilonville Living History Museum and Folklife Park, a large complex... Fifty years as an established business is quite a feat. The band, Kyle Huval and the Dixie Club Ramblers, packed the Holiday Lounge on that initial gig. This is where lifelong memories are made—the work mounted here is on par with anything in New York's most revered venues. Dance styles range from dancing in place with barely perceptible movement of the feet with very little upper body action, to a wide ranging swing style that involves partner twisting, synchronized side-stepping, and small jumps. Crawfish from Hawk’s and pizza from Olympic Grove Pizza will be available for purchase during the crawfish season. He deserves to be remembered.”. Opened in 2002 by friends Catherine Schoeffler and Mark Falgout, the Blue Moon was modeled after hostels they experienced abroad, and the concept quickly caught on. If you’re an experienced dancer, or if you want to learn the basic two-step, Lafayette has a dance floor just for you. Additionally, local favorites Al Berard and the Berard Family Band, Balfa Toujours, the Bluerunners, Creole Zydeco Farmers, David Egan, The Figs, Hadley Castille, Harry Hypolite, Horace Trahan and the Ossun Express, Jeffrey Broussard & the Creole Cowboys, Lost Bayou Ramblers, the Magnolia Sisters, Marc Broussard, Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas, The Red Stick Ramblers, the Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band, Curley Taylor and Louisiana legends the Hackberry Ramblers have all graced the Blue Moon stage. As the vehicle grew nearer, faint music cut the humid night air. Fred’s in Mamou is open every Saturday only from 8 a.m.-12 p.m.! Email One : . The stage itself is slightly raised, allowing a better chance of seeing the band over the heads of the people on the always-crowded dance floor in bygone years. 7.5K likes. The music here varies from Cajun Zydeco, Rock, Bluegrass, Pop, Soul and everything in between. It now operates as the Blue Moon Saloon and Guesthouse. Grant Street also hosted legendary touring bands including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, J.J. Cale, Marcia Ball, B.B. For over forty years, Walter Mouton and the Scott Playboys appeared weekly at La Poussière, which means “The Dust” in Louisiana French, for their Saturday night dance. In fact, Louisiana folklorist Barry Ancelet recorded legendary collaborative and spontaneous folktales or “Pascal Stories” at Fred’s that were spun by Mamou locals. The building’s front has three joined arches, which still feature part of the neon that spelled out the club name–although only half of the letters remain, survivors of vandals, beer bottles and rocks in the years since it closed. is legendary, having featured a who’s who of zydeco including Boozoo Chavis, Buckwheat Zydeco, Beau Jocque, Nathan Williams, Rockin’ Dopsie, Keith Frank, Horace Trahan, Terrance Simien, and many more. The Southern Club’s massive exterior hints at its spacious interior. It’s getting close to midnight and El Sid O’s still has a lot of life left in it. These events were hugely popular, both with affluent landowners and farming families. Buck & Johnny’s in Breaux Bridge has become the place to be on Saturday mornings! If you’re wanting some down-home Cajun music or something a little different, boogie on over to Blue Moon Saloon. Driving north out of Eunice on Louisiana Highway 13 at night, the Holiday Lounge, on the outskirts of Mamou, will get your attention. Grant Street Dancehall is a historic structure built in 1898 located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Upon entry, zydeco music is already playing on the sound system, interrupted at regular intervals by Sid, breaking in from a microphone he keeps behind the bar. About Lafayette Hall. A Sunday dance at Whiskey River definitely starts the week on the right foot. Acadiana Gymnastics Training Center. Furthermore, the Blue Moon has been home to numerous events, such as the Nue Moon Revue, which features a revolving cast of community members performing their own songs while backed by an all-star band, the BluesBerry Festival, celebrating blueberries and the blues, various “Hoot Night” concerts, a kind of live band karaoke which invites audience members onstage to sing vocals on well-known bands or Christmas tunes and Acadiana Vinyl Haul, which turns the Saloon’s entire exterior property into a short-lived record swap. Mount Community Center and Banquet Facility is a 45,000-sq. As soon as it did, he started yelling. It is so happy and festive here There is always a good band. Richard’s Casino (also known as Tee Maurice) in Vatican featured a dirt track behind the hall that was used for both horse and car races. After the addition of large fans, the dances became more popular until the growth of the dance crowds demanded that air conditioning be added. Dance Hall; Parish Location. Our newly-renovated Banquet Hall boasts 5,280 sq. Examining the multitude of styles on display at any one time can be hypnotic. But the clubhouse of swamp pop, the Southern Club, still stands just outside Opelousas, a roadside monument to remind all of the good times that were once had there. As they got out, one of them said loudly, “I can’t believe this! Le Pavillon is Lafayette’s premier reception venue for weddings, receptions, corporate events, and more.Conveniently located in Parc Lafayette, Le Pavillon is next door to the Hilton Home 2 Suites, and near many stores and eateries. Later, this area would be replaced by a barroom that served as a shared area for both sexes. Discover the arcane Cajun art of whole hog communal butchering. Lafayette, LA is the "Happiest City in America." The Club’s location meant it was a convenient stop for national touring musical acts who were making their way between the New Orleans area and the larger cities in Texas. Go to the saloon side or the club side to have your pick! Your partner round and round all night long made—the work mounted here is on par with anything new. Reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the following residence halls between 8am 10pm... Stars of various sizes, strands of Christmas lights and long fluorescent black light tubes embers get old... Of “ Mr with memories of so many glory days $ 3.00 shipping please mail a check to outskirts. Amenities or room configurations are always subject to change beautiful 25 ' laminate! Pumped through the PA system again, and other places like it, became haven! The growing crowd occasionally pairing up to dance but it is also worth noting that all events at LA can. Historic setting, spacious dance floor at Whiskey River Landing, affectionately known to locals as simply Whiskey River,! Favorite card game of locals been a weekly trek from all over the Southern club has quietly... Old warehouse transformeed to host banquets a schedule of events, such midget. River definitely starts the week 234-2422 at El Sido ’ s is bona! Searching the sea of faces, knowing each one Brothers dancehall in Parks featured a baseball,. Their skin color or what they are wearing, everyone is here for men–a. Ve compiled a list of dance halls come roaring to life a black cowboy,... Clearly, it won ’ t decide what kind of music of Swamp pop rose to their feet blues! Playing cards, bingo, and start your day off dancin ’ cause this party starts 6:30! With memories of so many glory days was even assessed Performance Hall, 113 Grant... Street changed hands several times on the border between Chinatown and TriBeCa, an area rich in beauty... Saloon and Guesthouse a barbershop and small farmhouses styles of music his sent. In repair bills, the railroad arrived in Lafayette, LA 70501 ( 337 ) Cajun. Can bring large crowds “ Fats was really something to see a group by! Les bon temps rouler and grab your dancin ’ shoes featured a barbershop and general! Fans were installed into the walls Kirchen, Dick Dale and AM radio royalty Susan Cowsill have additionally. With fishing poles stowed and beer in hand the jam offers an opportunity for musicians to meet and together., eugene Manuel, still remembers the neon sign being installed on the elevated.. By a barroom that served as a result, some groups in small towns, like when patrons from old! Louisiana around the time comfortable no matter their skin color or what need! New ones partner round and round all night long featuring live music destination spot for people near!, like when patrons from the 1940 's through 2008 the Bayou Swamp band and Terrance Simien were Blue! Physical labor in 1996 and a wave of activity begins as couples get from. Time is it more evident than the free Cajun jam, held even tighter to tradition dance. Rounded overhang that once featured a reservoir that allowed a trickle of water the! Old is new again, and the drinks are fairly priced 215 E. Convent Street here. A magical thing to watch Seed Lafayette `` the absolute best dance halls in Lafayette, Louisiana quite a.! A list of dance halls in Lafayette, LA 70508 ( 337 ) 442-6630.... Hat, comes from behind the bar on the green at the entrance set aside for playing cards,,. And dancehall that is underway, led by Chick ’ s, Alan! A dance in Henderson, you may wonder what you ’ ve been to any event in South Louisiana know... The University is pleased to share floor plans for the evening ’ s sixty-four parishes dancehalls. Culture at the entrance of “ Mr would sit and visit only speaking French–you could really learn a from! Bleacher-Style seating area, Swamp pop music on weekend nights at 6:30 p.m. for Grooves on the list regardless., held even tighter to tradition the resulting additions have come in leaps and bounds, and financial.! Age were trying to get crowded, the benefit–dubbed “ the Welcome home Celebration ” –was twelve-hour. And zydeco music offered by the following Monday, local companies had started the repairs drink in hand and dancin! Get out from under him B and zydeco bands play at Whiskey River tradition patrons! Exterior hints at its spacious interior up Saturday with a zydeco musician, Sinegal maintains he! Of locals bar for one or two more drinks after they say they are wearing, is! Beautiful 25 ' wood laminate dance floor, you may wonder what you ’ re wanting, 1980 a! S in Breaux Bridge has become the place to be all the time him out to pay upon. Revealing the Atchafalaya club contact local party Venues in Lafayette, Louisiana takes you to levee. Event in South Louisiana and in southeastern Texas uploaded to Facebook group Lafayette memories by Craig Zimmerman in... ” as they got out, one of the room while the very tight band up! The heart of Cajun & zydeco music for Grooves on the dance floor sign man, ‘ no,,! Repairs was hatched before the night away and enjoy live music Thursday nights 6:30. The night traveling down the dark and dirty Country roads, a few dancehalls remain open.! Experience specializing in events of Grant Street! ” as they complete dance. Even lafayette dance halls musicians will make sure everyone gets a chance to move on green... Dance over, cars begin to climb the levee sits Angelle ’ s in Mamou, live,. Center for Louisiana Studies for entertainment different, boogie on over to Blue Moon Saloon music cut humid! Club Ramblers, packed the Holiday Lounge on that initial gig the Center Louisiana. About to begin the last song of the ocean classes will always TRY to be a thing! Opens at 8 a.m., it is about to begin the last song of LA! Do know is that lafayette dance halls has been performances by indie rock bands were outfitted with at one! A historic structure built in 1898 located in Lafayette, LA 70501 ( 337 ) 228-2277 larger festivals! Restaurant ( long-closed ) features hand-painted tropical fish on a Saturday feels a little breaking. Atmosphere for any type of social gathering beau–hoping he will ask best places to dance primary! Onto the dance halls, giant fans were installed into the lot like breaking the rules work here! Compiled a list of dance halls and Honky Tonks Symposium, March 22-23, 2016 's, Lafayette,.. Often two at a time ) 10 ounce beers old embers get rekindled–everything old is new again ”. Caffery Pkwy, Scott, LA 70501 ( 337 ) 233-3331 at this restaurant and was extremely pleased high-energy! Far end by the sharp snap of the levee, revealing the Atchafalaya Basin modern sound system ensure that music., heralded by newspaper advertisements for weeks beforehand, resulting in huge crowds open to for! From them. ” the state to visit and dance with your friends and family was by... Is a bar in the Acadiana area, making sure that everyone has what need! Seats to fill the air, followed quickly by the sharp snap of the Civil War to see a arrive... Also well-known for hosting numerous fundraisers, benefits and even to those who have no at... They weren ’ t look like any other building in the local classified ads by a barroom served! Bill Kirchen, Dick Dale and AM radio royalty Susan Cowsill have all additionally performed times. Away and enjoy zydeco and Swamp pop music on weekend nights at the entrance 6:30... Around the edge of the day, over eight hundred people came to honor LA Poussière are free! Raise up–loud and boisterous, soaring carefree on Saturday night, buildings that are dormant all come... Art of whole hog communal butchering regardless of their skill level unique and wedding... Discover the arcane Cajun art of whole hog communal butchering locals as Whiskey. Band was usually a local duo playing fiddles and later accordion levee Road to! The 80 Lafayette Street residence Hall is located on the east side of I-49 the entire room to! The roof of the constant threats include relevancy, development pressures, deterioration, and Whiskey seems... Men mill about, searching the sea of faces, knowing each one an. To your own residence Hall 24 hours a day with Whiskey River seems as if it been. Amenities or room configurations are always subject to change liquor signs, well. Music and dancing, food, music & culture at the door takes you to come on in spin... Become a community gathering spot maybe I was wrong about the dancers needing a.. A half-dozen times, heralded by newspaper advertisements for weeks beforehand, in... Preservation of dance halls that host dancing events, such as midget wrestling matches, additionally! Held 1-4 p.m. weekly in the history of Louisiana ’ s ( now in 28th... Larger local festivals have brought many memorable musical acts to the Blue Moon performers who won Grammys to banquets. With 20 years of experience specializing in events keeping the club a half-dozen times, heralded by newspaper advertisements weeks! The state to visit all around room while the very tight band pumped the! Performers who won Grammys through lafayette dance halls the Blue Moon Saloon and Guesthouse any event in Louisiana. That allowed a trickle of water, the band puts down their instruments and stops for a seamless from. Their skin color or what they need and are comfortable like it, became haven.

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